Retreat Discoveres (3|) – Tasting Soul-life

Another discovery was of sweetness of the depth of silence within a community. My first retreat was solitary. My second was communal. I joined a ‘ Courage to Lead Retreat’ based on the principles outlined in” Hidden Wholeness” by Parker Palmer. I read the book in February and felt like I was looking in the mirror. He described my yearnings to live from the depths of my being, rather than the clutter I often encounter. He calls it an undivided life. Note the book! I’ m hoping Contemplative Fire will spend some time in small groups studying it next fall.

Our retreat group was so gentle, so quiet. We were invited to participate, if and when we wanted. I’ve used that invitational line so many times as I’ve led retreats and small groups, but within their community it took on a new depth for me. Soul work can’t be rushed and not everyone is ready for it in any given moment.

As we gently moved through the retreat agenda, for we had gathered with a purpose, words spoken came from our souls. Sometimes we simply sat quietly together. From our early moments together I experienced a safe place for my soul to show up. From our readings, solitary reflections, times of small group listening, learning to ask open, honest questions of one another, a place safe enough for our wild and wonderful souls was created.

Sitting in the circle I experienced a group of people consistently for two days speaking from their souls, listening from their souls. A taste of soul-life. Made me hungry for more!

A place safe enough for your soul to show up – what does that mean to you?

I’m so pleased that generally Contemplative Fire is a safe place for soul-life, and I would love to have us deepen our offering. I really benefited from my brief encounter with this community. It was a wonderful discovery. I hope you will join us in our exploration of ‘ Hidden Wholeness’ next fall.

Could we form many groups that created spaces safe enough for souls to show up? Usually I get engaged in project groups, yet I know that those groups too can be safe enough for souls to show up. In fact, I know that unless they are – our work is in vain. Oh I need help keeping our project teams soul based! How safe are yours?

Love and prayers


Community Leader Canada

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