About Me

Hi – I’m Anne.

I’m  drawn to stillness and spaciousness yet I’m  action oriented.  Can I live a contemplative life in the midst of a busy city, with a very full work life and a temperament that loves to ‘do’ and to activate change? I believe I can, but I know I need help to do it.  Anne

This blog will…   offer my own honest struggles in being contemplative in a chaotic world….. will share some of our community insights and strengths that help me. You will find  – Challenges and Resources to be your own Mystic in Motion.

I’m the Community Leader for Contemplative Fire Canada,  an Anglican priest, a facilitator, retreat leader, and spiritual director. My husband, four girls, three grandchildren and extended family are precious to me. I love the woods, the earth, and the ocean. I love meaningful conversations. I believe in the healing presence of God in our lives and in the world. I seek to help people find their way to make our world better.

The ‘why’ of my life is to help people slow down, listen to the Spirit of God within them, and then live out of what they hear.


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