Retreat Discoveries (2) Releasing into the Flow

Last post I started to describe my very unorthodox retreat week. I had a week of three retreats woven with a day of a contemplative film and three small groups. From the time I left church Sunday afternoon till I emerged Saturday evening, it was a non-stop flow of experience and discoveries.

During my solitude — I stood at a meeting place where an abundant spring creek was meeting a river. I was told that the place where two bodies of water meet is deemed sacred land by our First Nations. The land I was on belonged to them and it felt sacred. In the wild rushing of the spring creek I experienced the relentless flow of God’s Presence into the world. How many people had stood on that spot before me and prayed, had tossed their pain into the flow of the river and let God’s Spirit bear it away, or had allowed the healing love of God to flow through them. How many?

Have you ever stood on sacred land? Where? What was it like for you? And we can be aware that all land is sacred. We can claim the Holy Presence of God with us when we’re alone or gathered into a community, for God is always present with us.

If you’re carrying burdens today, or feel the need of healing, I invite you to join me in your imagination. Let the sun shine, feel the warmth and walk with me across an open grassy area towards a large creek. We’ll stand in a clearing, watching and listening to the rushing springtime flow. It’s full. It’s noisy. We’ll walk a bit further along the bank of the creek till we reach the place where it enters the river. We’ll stand together at that junction. If and when you’re ready, reach with your hands and toss your burdens into the flow of the river. Let God receive them and carry them away for you. Allow the flow of God’s love to flow, washing you anew. Breathe. Enjoy.

Still time to join us for Splendour of Silence…..

Love and prayers
Community Leader Canada

One thought on “Retreat Discoveries (2) Releasing into the Flow

  1. Anne, I think it is appropriate that you have posted this on Earth Day. I know that I, and others, travel to the church on Toronto Island each Sunday because there is something very healing about travelling by ferry over a stretch of water to an entirely different landscape from the busy city we live in all week. And the first people to live on the Island were indigenous. The Island is, traditionally, a place of healing.

    Thank you.


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