Retreat Discoveries (4) ‘The Shift’

My most unorthodox retreat/non-retreat week moved from solitude and gentle community into ‘The Shift’ – a docu-drama with Dr. Wayne Dyer. The content of the movie resonated deeply with the interior work I’d been invited to enter both in solitary time and communal time.

Dr. Dyer is describing the movement in our lives into a deeply ensouled life – where we live wholly, and fully experiencing the flow of God’s love through us, which gives our lives meaning and purpose. The gentle listening of the community and the rapid flow of the creek blended beautifully for me. Here was one more voice inviting me into soul life, or Spirit led life.

He asks the really deep questions: Do you ever wonder why you are here on this earth? What really is the meaning of your life? Is there some way you can make the earth a better place by having lived here? Yet he asks these questions as if they were The Most Normal Questions. I have lived in the world of those questions all my life. It often seems to me as if few others live there. People seem so content to poke or fight, or strive their way through life almost blindly without asking ‘why’. Asking the ‘why’ can lead to the opening of the rift, so the Spirit of God can flow more freely. It can lead to soul springtime with the rush of the Spirit.

Do you think about those questions? Do you feel caught, confined by life or do you experience freedom and flow?

When I disappear on retreat for a week, it’s so I can connect more deeply with God, so I can hear more closely the whisper and seek to have my life formed more by God’s desires and less by my ego’s cravings. I emerged out of the solitude and communal silence into movie affirmation of what I hear in stillness. The two worlds were combining. There is a hidden wholeness to life.

My week was not over yet….

Love and prayers

Community Leader Canada

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