Listening for the Big YES!

We have had some friends visiting with us for the last few days. Conversations rambled all over the place, but one day as we were climbing the hill from the beach one friend turned and asked me, “What are you working on Anne? What are you writing?”. It was such a lovely question. He truly was interested in my writing. He’s a songwriter so we connect over words and how evocative they can be, as well as a shared spirituality.

I’ve discovered I really enjoy being ‘a writer’. It feels so comfortable to me, like pulling on an old pair of slippers! Yes, that’s what I’ve always been, yet never acknowledged till this past year. I do acknowledge that now and can talk with him about what I’m working on. Yet I don’t really know yet what I am working on, except my writing craft. Maybe you, Gentle Reader can help me focus.

I replied to him that I’ve started up my blog again ‘Mystic in Motion’, so I write weekly for it. I also usually do Morning Pages, rambling thoughts each day to keep me writing. I’m wondering about a book focus. I’ve started my spiritual memoirs which are not my whole story, but the times when the veil was pulled back and I encountered the presence of God in a significant, life-shaping way. I’ve also wondered about gathering my devotional writing, the reflections I wrote for years for Contemplative Fire and organize them into a devotional reader. They would be little tidbits you can taste. Or is there something else? Over the years I’ve thought of writing about gender issues in the workplace, particularly in ministry. But then I began a Master Writer’s Class and have been focused on sorting through my motivation, audience, ideal reader etc. Don’t I need to decide which project I’ll focus on? Or do I hold several at a time?

I unloaded all that on my friend as we climbed the mountain. It was good to share with a kindred soul, but I didn’t come to any conclusion. All I know, more and more clearly, is that in this next season of life I’ll spend significant time spreading words around a page. I like that thought… a lot.

Help me Gentle reader… memoir or devotions? Or something else? Help me hear the Big Yes, the kind of YES, that makes other things melt away.

When have you heard a ‘Big YES’?

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Founder Contemplative Fire (Canada)


13 thoughts on “Listening for the Big YES!

  1. Dear Ann
    Thank you for these reflections. To add my few thoughts to your enquiry….. I’ve heard the big YES when my heart has opened in love. Somewhere in Richard Rohr’s book Everything Belongs ( I can’t tell you where as I’ve lent out the book!) he quotes a Jesuit Priest as saying ….. ‘ Fall in love, Stay in Love and it will decide everything’. I think that holds the key 🙂

    God Bless


  2. I think you should do your spiritual memoirs and devotional writings simultaneously, Anne!!! They will always be most helpful and very insightful, I’m sure. ….. I for one, can’t wait 😊


  3. I think the answer to your questions will be revealed to you as you write. In the same way you experienced the veil being pulled back and encountering the presence of God in a life shaping way, I think your writing will be shaped like that but it would be a loss to me if you stop writing your blogs. 😊


    • Yes, I hear too that progression, slowly, opening and encountering God. I trust the leading. And thanks for the blog encouragement 🙂


  4. Dear Anne: Keep the Mystic in Motion. I mean keep it going. I like your reflections and doing a devotional reader; that is positive and your gift. Love, Joan


  5. I would be interested to read both. I think even these posts would lend themselves well to a devotional.

    My BIG YES recently was when I was told of a Educational Assistant Job posting at a private Chrisitian School near me. Joy filling me was my YES! And… I’m loving filling this role in this school and feel I’m shining as I use all I’ve learned in my work experience and the spiritual harmony in the school is such a comfort to me.


  6. I would love to read both! You are a fascinating person I love hearing your thoughts and reflections abou The Divine. I think even this blog would lend itself to the devotional format.

    My BIG YES most recently happened when I heard about an Educational Assistant Job Posting at a Christian school close to me. I was filled with JOY at the thought of it. I knew it was meant for me!
    I’m really shining in my role there and feel like this job is such a beautiful gift to me from Father. I’m able to seemlessly combine my work experience and my faith to be who He made me to be.

    I wonder if joy may be your guide. If you find joy in both… Go for both! Shine beautiful Writer!


  7. If I understand correctly,
    You are asking what to write first?
    Memoir or devotions?
    I am wondering if you could answer that by asking yourself what would help you on your journey…first… as a preparation .
    Memoir or devotion.
    Then, write that first.
    And, the other write second.


    • that’s where i was leaning too Jan. seems to me i need to start with the memoir. tell my story first, but then just how to tell it. the process becomes more involved than i had first anticipated, so i pull back a bit, sit back and look at it.


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