Gentle Leadership

Years ago, while on my annual silent retreat, I’d heard the invitation to grow into a gentle leadership with Contemplative Fire. I spent some time after that in discussion with colleagues about what a gentle leadership model might entail, but then I think I let it go. I stopped consciously thinking about it or trying to grow in that direction. It surfaced again for me during my Sabbath Leave.

For me, a gentle leadership is one that comes from the Spirit of God. It is when I submit myself to deep listening and deep following. I set aside strategic plans, and my long-term goals are not measurable outcomes but adherence to the vision and values that align with our Christian faith and Contemplative Fire. It is less about accomplishing things or growing a ministry and more about adherence to the One I follow. I’m aware of a different space within me internally.

A couple of nights ago, I was lying in bed, and I had one of those ‘Sonburst’ moments I’ve written about before. This one was about gentle leadership. I don’t recall that I was even thinking about it, but I could feel the presence of being a gentle leader emerge within me. I felt the groundedness, the security, the warmth, the ease. I felt an inner quality I’d never experienced before. It didn’t last for long, but it was there. I will always retain that memory, that possibility. I hope I will not only retain, but actively remember it. I would love to grow into that more deeply, to lead more gently, to lead more intimately connected to the flow of the Spirit of God.

I’d like that. Have you had any experiences like that? What would you teach me/us about gentle leadership?

Love and prayers


Contemplative Fire, Community Leader Canada

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