One Day in a Garden

One day a friend, during a prayer time, received an image for me. It was a jigsaw puzzle picture of an thatched cottage with an English country garden in front of it. I was tending the garden. I spoke with people who stopped by, attracted by the quiet beauty of the garden. The conversations were rich and transformational.

Sometimes when people share their prayer moments, or insights they bounce off me, but other times they penetrate and stick. The jigsaw garden was one that felt right to me. During my Sabbath Leave I have heard the call both to a quieter season of life but also to a life that is more deeply led by the Spirit. This prayer image gave more substance to my calling. What lies before me is a life where all the pieces are in place, and together they will create a place of quietness and beauty. All the pieces of my life will come together and will provide nourishment to a few. I will be in a place of internal quietness and beauty.

I’m humbled and awed, by the calling, by the image and by the image being given to one, who I only know slightly. How deep is the Father’s love for us! How connected are the children of the Father!

If I have one truth that I return with from my Sabbath Leave it is to say so clearly to any who might listen: We are not alone. God’s Spirit is present, watching over us all the time. It doesn’t matter if our days are happy or sad. God is present. It doesn’t matter if we’re devotedly following our faith or not. God is present. All the time. And the Spirit that is present with us is good, is cheering us on, wanting the best for us.

I do know there are dark spirits around too. We are not to live blind to them, but we renounce any engagement with them and open ourselves to the goodness of God.

We are not alone. You are not alone. May you know God’s presence today. May you open yourselves to the goodness and beauty of God. Breathe the sweet fragrance of the garden.

Love and prayers


Contemplative Fire, Community Leader Canada

Mystic in Motion


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