Into a Silent Retreat this week – somewhere in Yorkshire… catching a whiff of roses that cover the wall of the 16th century hall we’re housed in…. hearing the sheep ‘baa’ in the adjoining field… wandering the splendid gardens of this estate….enjoying an orange cake for afternoon tea and leading a group through the seasons of life – Autumn of letting go, Winter of rest, Spring of possibilities and Summer of abundance, only to begin again with harvesting and letting go… and wondering about the seasons of my own life.

This has been a helpful transition week for me. I’m back into a leadership role, but holding it differently – catching a whiff of how to be a…hmmm.. not-sure-of-the-name-type-of-leader, maybe a leader who leads by whiff of the scent of Spirit, one that listens to the sound of the Spirit, one that wanders in the life of the Spirit, one who savours the flavour of the Spirit…..Clearly I’m caught in the delight of this part of our world! It’s a leader who leads yet follows and the main responsibility is on following the One who leads me.

I can feel Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer happening in me all at once. I’m aware of letting go, of being dormant, can wonder about sprouts that might appear someday and feel the ABUNDANCE of this Sabbath Leave time.

But enough…shhh…. I need to stay quiet and still in an unfinished place during this retreat time.

Unfinished – wow! Is there more to come? Of course there is – always the seasons flow, one gives way to another. This Sabbath season is coming to an end for me and will give way to something else. Perhaps Unfinished is the perpetual season. What would it be like to learn how to live in the Season of Unfinished?

Be blessed


Mystic in Motion


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