Sunburst Moments

It’s been raining on and off today. Just now the birds began to sing and sun broke through the clouds. I don’t know how long it will last. We’re in a part of the world where rain is common and clouds frequent the sky. Sunbursts are worth noting!

I had one moment this week when I had one of those spiritual sunbursts. Do you know what I mean? They’re moments of clarity when something deeply makes sense to you, you ‘know’ it, deep in your core.

Grad school continues for me in keeping my spiritual rhythms in place. I’ve wondered if the ‘Mystic in Motion’ name I chose now refers less to activity and more to rhythm, a life rhythm that pulses in harmony with the governing rhythms of creation. My motion doesn’t feel driven right now, but rather simple. Instead of strong hard strokes against the prevailing currents, I experience a gentle solid stroke just going with the deeper current of life.

My sunburst moment connected me with that deeper current of life. I’ve been reading Sardello’s ‘Silence’ and one morning as I lay in bed, the sunburst out and I knew I was living within The Silence. I’ve been meditating on John 14-17 where Jesus repeatedly tells us that he’s in the Father, and he’s in us, and we’re in him. We’re part of a Divine Dance that embraces us. Lying in bed that morning I knew more deeply than before, that not only is Christ’s Spirit within me, but that I’m within God – such protection. In the midst of busy city life, I’m enclosed by Spirit and connected to all by Spirit.

The awareness of the pervasive presence of God – the presence that touches everything, everyone, just like the sun when it bursts through, is so wonderful and so humbling. I take that awareness into my morning walk, and then continue to touch into it during the day. I end up standing in a busy train station, holding that sunburst moment, so many people around me, each caring their worries and pain, their hopes and dreams, each covered with the embrace of God. I can see the Son’s Rays covering us all. I turn both inwardly and outwardly to prayer.

The world does look like a rainy and dark place, yet I KNOW the Son is there and sometimes there are ‘Sonburst’ moments. I pray for more of them, for more soft places where The Son can shine through. Places where the deep currents of life can break through.

What have been some of your sunburst/Sonburst moments?

The journey together continues.


Mystic in Motion






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