Retreat Discoveries (5) Dam that Flow!

My week wasn’t over. The next day I facilitated two groups before joining my church community for their leadership vision retreat. I was still trying to hold my retreat breath. Do you know what I mean by that?

The groups were easy to be with. Both are groups experienced in listening to each other and holding a desire to grow spiritually. In one I heard the bit in Acts where Peter implores the ruling council in Jerusalem not to hinder the Spirit of God as she clearly seeks to do something they hadn’t dreamed of before – give the fullness of the Spirit to the Gentiles, complete with forgiveness. I do not want to hinder the flow of God’s Spirit into the world, even when she moves in ways I hadn’t anticipated, when she calls me to Galilee and not Jerusalem.

Standing at the intersection of two rivers, the flow is powerful and relentless. There is no stopping it. God’s action into our world is powerful and relentless too. I know we try to dam rivers to help solve some problem we see, but it’s not the natural way. A river is meant to flow. I valued experiencing that river flow for it allowed me to feel the power and relentlessness of God’s flow into my life and into the world. I don’t want to hinder that flow.

Do you have a sense of flow? Is there anything hindering the flow of God’s Spirit within you and through you. Have you built a dam to solve a problem? Are you willing to dismantle that dam and let the Spirit flow?

I still had one more stop on my unorthodox retreat week.

Love and prayers


Community Leader Canada

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