Eternal Happiness

Happy New Year! In the last few days, we may have said or written that wish many times, to different people, some close to us, some passing acquaintances. This year it has a special feeling for what a year 2020 was for all of us, with nothing we expected, many adjustments and discoveries along the way. It seems more meaningful this year to wish those we share our lives with, a ‘happy’ new year, a year filled with health, happiness and hope.

But I’m going to stretch that a bit for you. I wish you happiness, but it’s a deep eternal happiness I wish for you. Not the happiness that comes from ease in life, or even having your health, or material security, but I wish for you a deeper happiness, one that isn’t attached to your life circumstances but that flows from within, regardless of what Life throws your way, regardless of pandemics or tsunamis, ill health or well being, the expected or unexpected. I wish for you the relentless flow of JOY from deep within you.

You’ll find the JOY within, for it comes from the God Fountain that is within us all, but you must go looking for it. Yes, the eternal spark is in all of us, but the fire doesn’t spread, the spring doesn’t flow uninvited. We need to slow down, look within, and listen to the voice of Love within us. We might need to get through the clamour of negative voices, those writhing reptiles that whisper or shout at us that we’re not good enough. We need to get past those to the voice of Love, to actively seek out God. Happiness lies within each one of us, independent of our circumstances because it comes from an eternal source. For years, the one I have spoken to is Jesus. He has been my guide to the fountain of living water that is within me. He is there to guide any who ask for help. 

I wish for you, this year, a further journey within to the source of JOY, PEACE, WISDOM and LOVE that lives within you. But you must go on the journey yourself, not just read the guidebooks, but get on your cushion or into your prayer chair, day by day by day and ask Jesus, ask God for more. Ask for JOY, for Eternal Happiness. Ask and you shall receive. Didn’t someone special tell us that??? Ask, ask again and again, patiently, trustfully with perseverance. Don’t just read about God, seek God. Our seeking and finding God through a real experience of the Divine is our purpose in life.

May you this year, know your purpose in life. May it truly be a Happy, New Year for you. And if you’re happier, with eternal happiness….remember happiness is contagious, so it will ripple out into society through you. Happy New Year my Gentle Readers.

With Hope and Happiness


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Society Member of Shalem Institute for Contemplative Living

Companion on The Rivendell Way