Draw the Circle Wide

Draw the circle wide…..

‘Draw’ pulls me in. ‘Wide’ expands me. Breathing in. Breathing out. Tension. Release.

‘Draw’ pulls me into my core, the centre of my being, what I experientially know to be true. I’m pulled to the source of my being, to the creative source within all life. It’s deep, good and full of LOVE.

The core of LOVE always has an expansive quality to it. Love is given to be shared. The core expands out, includes everybody, everything, everywhere.

Breathing in. Breathing out. Drawing in. Expanding out.

My call is to include everyone with my loving gaze, everyone. Everyone, whatever skin colour, cultural customs, demographics, age, orientation, whatever – all are included in LOVE’s circle of presence and care. Will I expand to include all? Everything, everywhere includes oceans and skies, mighty river and humble creek, towering red cedar and wild ivy, urban sprawl and congestion – all have their place and contain the presence of LOVE. Will I expand to include all?

‘Draw the circle wide’ began in church conversations to call us beyond our small congregations into an inclusive environment and inter-faith world. I don’t think it is contained to the Christian world. I hear a spiritual choir singing where there are many voices, each singing in their own way, but all singing in harmony to give to the world beautiful spiritual music. I don’t think we can make spiritually harmonious music unless we begin by going deep into our core, being drawn into LOVE, to an experience of our Living God. From that experience, we can expand outwards, drawing all life towards LOVE. We need to go deep. We need to be transformed by LOVE, so we are willing to expand and extend compassion to all. No one is to be left out.

My pondering of this phrase was heightened this morning by reflection time with Contemplative Fire UK community. Come and join us sometime. www.contemplativefire.org

What does this phrase say to you?

Love and prayers


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