My Easter Story (3): The Light Appears  

Within a year I was in a small movie theatre in France waiting for the new release of ‘Women in Love’ by D. H. Lawrence. The theatre was almost empty, and I was alone, sitting near the back. Suddenly there was a bright light up high, near the ceiling of the theatre. The light was warm, glowing and moving. Some deep part of me recognized the light. I knew it was coming from the centre of the universe and I was on my way into it. I was present to the glow. I was open. In that moment I experienced the assurance that I was on a journey taking me into the heart of all life, taking me into Truth.

Just so you know, it was 1970, and I wasn’t doing any drugs. I wasn’t reading any spiritual books or doing anything overtly spiritual in my life. I was on a trip to explore Europe, filling in time till my best friend’s brother arrived and we would hitch hike to Milano to pick up a car. Life was happening. I had finished university and been given a trip abroad by my father as a gift to complete my education. I was unsure what my next step looked like. I knew I needed to ‘find myself’. I was a Truth seeker, so thought I would explore the world. Maybe I would land in a Buddhist monastery in India. While I was at university, Tibetan Buddhism had helped me make sense of life, but I knew little of it or how to find a monastery. I was on my own, exploring life, waiting for a friend to arrive, ready to enjoy D.H. Lawrence! But in that theatre, I got a whole lot more. That light completely hit me out of left field. Once again, I wasn’t alone. I was known. And I was known in a way that was beyond what I knew I needed.

There is so much more to life than meets our physical eye. I long that people know this spiritual reality that is right here with us, all the time. God is present. Right here, right now, with you.

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Companion on the Rivendell Way

Society Member of Shalem Institute for Contemplative Living

4 thoughts on “My Easter Story (3): The Light Appears  

  1. Hi Anne I appreciate you sharing these spiritual experiences as we don’t talk openly enough about them. I wish there was a place to do this


    • thanks Linda. I join you in that wish. One Easter we shared our Jesus encounters in a circle. It was both hard for people and such a blessing. Lets do more of it, gently and with love.


  2. Thank you Anne for this edition. I remember that I visited Iona in 1977 . It was part of a 3 week visit: Iona, Birding with a group in Inverness, and at Stirling for the University Womens Club international meeting . At Iona I participated in the Abbey activities. One evening was a committment service. I re committed in the old abbey with others. A lovely location including a pilgrimage walk around the island and visit with local couple distant relatives of a friend. I found my old notes about this trip for recollection. Joan


    • Lovely Joan – Iona in 1977, before it became commonplace. How special that you found your way there and experienced a time of re-commitment, and then kept your notes!! the Light shines.


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