Ongoing Easter

For some people Easter celebrations are full of sensual feasting with the smell of lilies, sound of trumpets and Hallelujah’s ringing out loud and clear. The sterility of Lent is banished, and the light pours in. In some liturgical churches, the church is stripped of its finery on Maundy Thursday leaving it empty and deserted for the Good Friday service, with people often leaving that time in silence. Then the quiet of the tomb on Saturday followed by the splash of Easter as you return Sunday morning. Add in some Easter finery, family feasting and the senses explode with life. Another path is if your community slips in an Easter Vigil late Saturday night that starts outside with a single flame and moves through a liturgy into the triumph of resurrection. Any of those paths provide lots of sensory celebrations.

For others, Easter is creeping into a sunrise service on Sunday morning. I used to enjoy hosting a tiny gathering in the cemetery attached to our parish church, an empty shroud on a bench, a head cloth neatly wrapped. Where is he? What have you done with him?

Over the centuries Easter has been celebrated in many different ways. Right now, I value the Everyday Easter celebrations. Where did you catch a glimpse of God today? Where did the new life of Easter show up for you today?

Most of our life isn’t Easter Sunday with trumpets sounding and emotions exploding in “YES!”. Most of our life is quiet spiritually, where we need to be attentive to Presence, seeking to catch a glimpse of God. I’ve had lots of times in my life when I was gifted with a mystical awareness of God’s presence, but the journey of my life is to live in the valley every day, with eyes open, heart open ready to catch a glimpse of God who is always with me, but seldom sounding trumpets.

As we move through the Easter season, I was wondering about sharing with you some of my Easter moments, those trumpet-sounding times, but I hesitate. Maybe I will share some of the Everyday Easters instead.  The Easter moments have shaped my life. They remind me of who I am. The Everyday Easters are the regular meals that feed my soul day in and day out. They nourish me. However, as I sat down to write, it was the Easter moments that flowed from my pen. I guess I will share those in the coming weeks and maybe after that, more of the Everyday Easter moments. Whatever happens seems like it’s an ongoing Easter here with me!

I’d be delighted during these next few weeks to hear some of your Easter moments too. One Easter with Contemplative Fire we gathered to share our discovery of Jesus. It was so encouraging!

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

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2 thoughts on “Ongoing Easter

  1. Thank you Anne, for your lovely words. I’m looking forward to reading about your special moments.

    As we have those times of rich blessings and having our eyes and hearts opened, I am reminded not to take them for granted, but let them feed my soul when times seem dry .



    • yes, Barbara we all have special connecting moments. it’s so wonderful to savor them, especially for those dry times.


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