Rock Solid

Ever hit a wild, whirlwind season of life? One with unanticipated twists and turns?                                                                           

This morning I was musing over the rambunctiousness of my last year, realizing there have been times when I’ve wondered just who I was and where God was hiding, but then I open my Lenten reading and found today’s picture – Ben Johnson’s ‘The Queen’s Room’. I dropped into the stillness held within the image.

Stillness. Spaciousness. Everything settles. I know who I am. And I know God’s Presence within and around me.

Stillness. I shudder at how often I’m swept up in the activity of life and loose sense of the deep stillness within. I desire to live more truly from the inner stillness of Divine Presence, to walk into a room and bring that deep peace and centredness with me as a gift to others. I desire to live open to Spirit’s flow.

Imagine a forest river making its way to the ocean. In the river is a rock, not huge, but sizeable. Sometimes, after a rainfall or in during the snow melt, the water roars and covers of the rock, but it’s still there, solid and sure. Sometimes, the river slows down, the level lowers and the rock is visible, sure and solid. Sometimes debris comes down the river banging against the rock, but it remains sure, solid, unchanging. Oh yes, after the years of water flow it still appears the same, yet even rocks are shaped by the water’s constant flow so it’s edges are softer, but it’s still rock, solid and sure.

‘The Queen’s Room’ spoke to me this morning, calling me out of the chaos of life and back to my Self. I’m a rock. In the midst of a turbulent year I’m a rock. May I live true to my Self, solid and sure, yet shaped with my rough edges softened by flow of life.

How’s your life these days?

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Companion on the Rivendell Way

Society Member of Shalem Institute for Contemplative Living

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