A Glimpse of God on Raspail

Today I stood in one of those ‘v’ shaped intersections in Paris, France where several streets converge, some small, some busier, with the movement of cars and people everywhere. Which direction will I look to cross the street? The sidewalks are not congested but they were full of Parisiennes heading home after school and work. The sun was beginning to dip as darkness comes early near the end of the year. I’m on my daily walk from the hospital to a shop to find some thread to mend a scarf, on my way to pick up my grandson after school. I’m listening to a podcast reflecting on Julian of Norwich. My day is unfolding like many others on this family visit to Paris.

Julian and I have a bit of history. She’s my favorite Christian mystic. Over the years, several times she’s opened my heart. She was the first to show me the celestial city within me. Through her I could feel eternity, sparkling in my soul. I knew there was more to my life than the clothes I wore, job I performed, relationships around me. Oh, there was so much more. Through her writings I felt a connection to Divine and Eternity. Another time Julian showed me that God smells. Wow! What kind of God is this? So much bigger, so much more familiar than I’d ever imagined. God smells! And of course, she taught of LOVE. It’s all about LOVE. And the Hazelnut story where I’m taught the significance of everything, absolutely everyone and everything for all has its being in the love of God. After many years I’m re-reading her and listening to a wonderful podcast by a fellow mystic. Julian has been a rich teacher for me.

So perhaps today wasn’t a surprise, but when God shows up it’s always a surprise, yet not a surprise, for God is always present! Just sometimes when I catch a glimpse of what really is, rather than what seems to be, it feels like a surprise. Today I had such a glimpse. Walking along Raspail, with Parisiennes going about their daily lives, I felt myself within God. All of us, the cars, the people, the activity of Paris, all of that was within God. Not so much embraced or enveloped in God’s love as within God herself. We were God. It was a feeling of presence. The fragility of this world was gone. The unimportance/importance struggles of this world were gone. The glimpse was short, but oh, it was sweet. Like a bite of deep dark chocolate, something to be savoured.

Savoured, so I share it with you Gentle Reader. What ‘glimpses of the Divine’ have you had?  

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

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Companion on the Rivendell Way

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2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of God on Raspail

  1. When the ripples on the lake sparkle, when the fresh snow looks like diamonds in the morning sun, when the wind plays with the leaves on the trees and those falling, when the sun plays in shadows as it peeks through the leaves. These moments give me a glimpse of heaven: to see God’s artistry and playfulness and I am comforted by this care and familiarity with the Divine presence all around me.


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