She was shrouded in a cloud this morning, yet I knew she was there.

Chichiyuy, ‘The Sisters’, or as they are commonly called here, ‘The Lions’ are two distinctive mountain peaks near Vancouver which rise above my little oceanside village giving us the name ‘Lions Bay’. On my morning mountain walk, when I pause at the top of it, the west Sister is in my view. She is one of my places of prayer. Today I couldn’t see her for a cloud had settled over her. We’re in for a rainy day. But I knew she was there. Always there. Everyday.

When settlers arrived here, someone had the idea that the two dominant mountain peaks were reflective of the lions in Trafalgar Square, London. I’m not sure why. The name has been commonly accepted and now is sprinkled all over the area, so we have the BC Lions, Lions Gate Bridge, Lions Gate Hospital, numerous Lion Pubs and of course Lions Bay. A hundred years ago Pauline Johnson told us what the First Nations called those peaks and gave us a version of their story. It seems those peaks weren’t placed there to be triumphant and roaring but to remind us to live peacefully and in one accord with each other. I’ve heard several versions of the story and they all end with the two sisters who brought waring tribes together in peace being immortalized in these peaks. We’re to look at them and remember their story, their bravery, integrity and strength. Two strong women brought the warring tribes together. Peace. Live in one accord. Always. Everyday.

In the scripture I’m pondering this week Jesus speaks to us about not being fixated on our differences, to see God within people and live together peacefully, in one accord. As I write, in Canada, we’re on the eve of a national election. We’ve watched divisions flare up and negativity seep out. I long for the days when parties can work together for the common good. Sometimes it’s as if a cloud settles over us and we forget that we one people, one human race, here to live simply, humbly on a beautiful earth together, learning who we are as God’s children. Instead ,we become strident, insisting on our way as the right way and speaking negatively of those who have experienced life differently from us and see things another way.  

When confusion or uncertainty comes, and it will, remember that The Sisters are there, everyday, always. They are a constant reminder to us to live in peace with one another. May our lives move the world forward toward peace.

With hope, love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Contemplative Fire Canada, Founder

Companion with The Rivendell Way

Society Member of Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

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