What is Spiritual Growth? Part 2 Movement

There is a subtle yet profound movement from an orientation in our head to a heart based, intuitive orientation that takes place as we grow spiritually. It’s not a matter of your personality type. That may influence the steps or speed, but not the reorientation. We move from being a self-absorbed human who is entangled in the world, it’s affairs and how they touch us, into a spiritual being that is grounded in Love, sees the integration of life on Earth and listens for the movement of intuition for guidance.

Spiritual growth often doesn’t take place in academic classrooms. It’s not about the books read or essays written, but rather about learning that is absorbed into your being so you are changed. That learning might come from a book, even from a classroom setting or through a sermon, but often it doesn’t. Spiritual growth commonly happens through tears, disappointments and sorrow. A basic teaching is that we wake up spiritually through great pain or great love. There are a few other alarm clocks, but those two are the main ones. I’ve had both. The Great Love has been a spiritual outpouring where I was embraced by Love. That’s a common human experience if you read spiritual biographies. The Great Pain was within our family. It was a pain that shook me up, so I knew I needed to become more real, more my True Self. I didn’t have that language at the time, but I had the kick that made me know I had work to do. Don’t think it’s a one-time alarm clock. Pain and Love keep knocking, especially if you hit the snooze button.

This week I’ve been enjoying a poem ‘Please Come Home’, by Jane Hooper. I hear the call to authenticity, to coming home to who I am, to being myself, not hiding, but lovingly sharing who I am with those around me. I’ve added Jane’s poem below my blog for your enjoyment.

Spiritual growth is about coming home to ourselves, engaging in the movement from an external orientation to an internal spiritual one. It’s not navel gazing. When you touch into LOVE she always sends you back out to give yourself to others, but you’ll do it differently, wisely, with less effort and more effectiveness, at least the effectiveness which Spirit is seeking and that could be surprising!

Growing spiritually is core to who we are as human beings. It is why we are here. We are meant to shed our attachment to the world and open into Spirit so we KNOW ourselves as a branch of God’s vine, that intimate, intwined connection with our Creator. That’s how the world is changed. Each of our individual changes has ripple effects that move throughout the world and history. Each one of us needs to come home to who we truly are.

So how are you doing? How’s your day so far? Please come home.

Love and prayers
Mystic in Motion
Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire
Contemplative Fire Canada, Founder
Companion on The Rivendell Way
Society Member of Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation


“Please Come Home” by Jane Hooper

Please come home. Please come home.
Find the place where your feet know where to walk
And follow your own trail home.

Please come home. Please come home into your own body,
Your own vessel, your own earth.
Please come home into each and every cell,
And fully into the space that surrounds you.

Please come home. Please come home to trusting yourself,
And your instincts and your ways and your knowings,
And even the particular quirks of your personality.

Please come home. Please come home and once you are firmly there,
Please stay home awhile and come to a deep rest within.
Please treasure your home. Please love and embrace your home.
Please get a deep, deep sense of what it’s like to be truly home.

Please come home. Please come home.
And when you’re really, really ready,
And there’s a detectable urge on the outbreath, then please come out.

Please come home and please come forward.
Please express who you are to us, and please trust us
To see you and hear you and touch you
And recognize you as best we can.

Please come home. Please come home and let us know
All the nooks and crannies that are calling to be seen.
Please come home, and let us know the More
That is there that wants to come out.

Please come home. Please come home
For you belong here now. You belong among us.
Please inhabit your place fully so we can learn from you,
From your voice and your ways and your presence.

Please come home. Please come home.
And when you feel yourself home, please welcome us too,
For we too forget that we belong and are welcome,
And that we are called to express fully who we are.

Please come home. Please come home.
You and you and you and me.

Please come home. Please come home.
Thank you, Earth, for welcoming us.
And thank you touch of eyes and ears and skin,
Touch of love for welcoming us.

May we wake up and remember who we truly are.
Please come home. Please come home. Please come home.

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