Full yet Quiet

My week has been woven with wonderful conversations of depth and meaning as people search to find their path or keep walking faithfully.

Those conversations are some of my favourite bits of life.

It’s been a full week yet a quiet one. Usually I write about something I’ve been mulling over all week yet this week I’ve simply moved along from one conversation to the next feeling engaged and content.

One moment caught my attention this morning. Maybe you recognize it. I woke and as I lay in bed I felt some sadness. I noted it. A half hour later when I was at my desk with my current study book open before me I was happy. I noted it. Then I noted how emotions move through like weather systems. That image had been in one of my conversations this week and here I was seeing it so clearly. Emotions and thoughts move through us. They aren’t us but move through us.

My current weather system is a warm summer evening – happy, content, full and quiet. What’s your weather today?

Love and prayers


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