Pathway of Peace

I spent some time this week clearing part of a trail near our home. I think I’ve mentioned it to you before. It’s a new trail that follows a creek up the mountainside. We’ve placed a few benches along the trail to give people a place to rest, to be in the forest, to encourage their gaze into the depths of trees and to hear the gurgle of the nearby creek. We’ve decided to clear parts of the trail of old debris, tidy up the forest a bit. I know it’s not a garden, nor do I want it to be, yet bringing some order to tiny parts of it feels alright to me. We cut away dead ferns, tossed dry branches and cleared the way to see and hear the creek. I loved the time wading through the creek to clear the debris. It feels so good play in the forest. I come home exhilarated. It seems I’m getting drunk on the goodness of the forest energy.

The affirmation I’ve been sitting with this week has also felt good. I’m a child of God. I walk with the Prince of Peace on a pathway of peace as we create a community of peace. We use divinely guided wisdom and will power to clear the path of peace. We walk together strongly and lovingly as we create a community of peace.

Last week’s blog on ‘The Power of Choice’, this week’s trail work and the peace affirmation, all fit together. What does it mean to work with Jesus to clear a pathway of peace? What’s the debris that needs to be tossed? What’s no longer to be tolerated? What needs to be cut away? What needs to be brought into focus? What needs to be newly planted?

First, a decision to walk with the Prince of Peace. He will be my companion, daily, moment by moment I turn to him. I am walking with him, and together, we are walking a Pathway of Peace. So, second will be to use that as my plum line and anchor in my life. I will keep peace within myself. It is my ground, my anchor. When interior waters get murky, it’s time to retreat to make sure I’m realigned with the Prince of Peace. If I’m not aligned with him, our teamwork of creating a Community of Peace will be murky too.

(There’s a pause here as the day continues.)

I’ve just returned to my desk from a conversation with a villager about reconciliation with First Nations. How can we live here calling everything by colonial names? I live in Lions Bay, named for ‘The Lions’, two mountains above the village, yet long before the British arrived and named them ‘The Lions’ they were known as ‘The Sisters’ and carry a story of peace and brotherhood.

Haven’t we roared like lions long enough? Don’t we need to learn more about living peacefully with ourselves, our families, our communities, our global companions, our Earth? But how do you change a community and government to re-name something? How do you change deep cultural ways of independence and dominance? Despite the peace of my week there are a lot of questions brewing within me. Maybe because of the peace there is room for deep questions.

Are you drawn to the Pathway of Peace? What would you need to join or increase your commitment to walk the Pathway of Peace?

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Contemplative Fire Canada, Founder

Companion on The Rivendell Way

Society Member with Shalem Institute for Contemplative Living

2 thoughts on “Pathway of Peace

  1. from last week I have found that by naming negative influences on myself I can have some control. the problem is Hurry Harry or his other name Hasty Harry. Naming it means I can tell it to leave. that is starting to help. Thanks Anne


    • sorry for the slow reply Joan. i celebrated during the week when i ready your reply. i’m so glad you are finding some control over the negative voices. yeah!


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