Spiritual Spring

Today on my forest walk I saw my first robin and first slug! Two signs of spring. I enjoy living in a climate where daffodils start to poke up in January and then take their sweet time to blossom. And now, with signs of spring, another winter is laid to rest. Days lengthen. Air warms. Garden calls louder and louder. Yes!

For years spring has been my favourite season. In Toronto each spring day brings a surprise. It’s riotous. Buds pop. Flowers bloom. It all just happens within a few weeks. Here in the bottom corner of British Columbia spring is an ongoing concert. Those daffodils in January…they’re the reminder that winter isn’t all we’ve got, more is coming. Now in March lots of spring flowers are dazzling us, but the bit I like best is when the trees blossom and the rhododendrons shout ‘I’m here too!’. They last for weeks! It’s not one quick show that you might miss if you go away for weekend (remember those days 😊), but they linger for a long time. Spring here is a lazy, long concert of beauty. Slowly the deciduous trees begin to join their evergreen friends and our forests fill out. It’s all so wonderful.

Hmm you might be asking if I’m getting lost in the wonders of spring. What does that have to do with making sense of spiritual life and growing as a contemplative because that’s what I usually write about, right? Well, I’ve been noticing some springtime spiritual awareness. I think I’m experiencing a spring time in my soul. Spiritual truths that I’ve known for years have begun to take on a new meaning. It’s as if I’d never actually heard them before. They are sprouting inside me like little crocuses. Really? Did Jesus really say that?

One blossoming truth is that the whole purpose of our human life is to find God and know that we are deeply loved. That’s it. Our purpose is not to clean up the mess of the world. Yes, there are systemic evils in the world that we can work to remove but doing that is not the purpose of human life. Yes, some of the activities around me aren’t run the way Anne would run them, but that’s not my purpose.  Our purpose is to know God, know Love with and within God. Yes, we have families to care for and jobs to earn a living but that’s not the purpose of life. The reason we are here on earth is to know God and know a Divine, unconditional, all embracive Love. That’s what Jesus said – ‘Seek the kingdom of God first and everything else will come along too’. Our purpose is God. Or this one, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength’. That’s what Jesus said. Our purpose is our search for God. That’s where our focus is to be.

I’m finding these age-old truths, long known but hibernating within me, are suddenly in a Toronto spring-like way, becoming alive, making new sense to me, a springtime in my soul. I trust their vitality will linger in a long enjoyable BC spring-like way. The new truths lead to simplicity. When I know what life is about, all sorts of other things melt away. Relax, enjoy life, keeping my eye on the main event and knowing that the One who watches overall, has her eye on me too. Just today She told me so. I know I heard their voice.

Most of us get caught up in the busy activities of life and we forget our purpose. Jesus knew that too. Remember the lost sheep, lost coin, lost son stories? Most of us are prodigals that wander away. Regularly. We forget who we are and whose we are. God is always calling us home. As sure as spring follows winter, God is calling us home into LOVE, into divine, unconditional love.

I know I have often gotten caught in the busy stream of life. I want to keep my eyes on my true-life purpose. I don’t want to miss it. I want everything God has for me in this life. It’s one of the reasons I write to you. Connecting with you helps me keep my focus. Thank you for reading. I hope my words can help you connect more deeply.

It’s quite simple, but deeply profound. My purpose, your purpose is to know we are loved by God, loved in a way that intimately touches us, giving us new eyes so we see that we are all brothers and sisters, and we seek to live in harmony with others and nature.

That’s one of the little blossoms that’s showing up for me this week. Wow. I thought I already knew this, but I’m knowing it in a whole new way. What’s showing up in your corner of the world? Any hidden treasures?

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Contemplative Fire Canada, Founder

Society member with Shalem Institute for Contemplative Living

Companion on The Rivendell Way

8 thoughts on “Spiritual Spring

  1. Thank you Anne . I will share this with Marie Cuthbert and her family. It is very clear. it is possible to think we have to earn His love. Joan


  2. Thanks Anne for another beautiful tug at the heart. That is certainly my journey to find God and know that we are truly loved. It is a “ freeing” journey because we don’t have to perform only “be.” The journey is not religious but is a journey of receiving and giving love to everyone, no one is excluded, we’re all gathered together in the arms of LOVE.


    • oh yes! not ‘religious’ but a life journey into love, giving and receiving love. and yes to freedom. we are free. i feel a growing awareness of being free from many old ways, beliefs, hurts, all those things that build up walls within me separating me from others, inhibiting the flow of love. we’re on the journey!


  3. 👏🏼🙏💕🌱 hurray for the emerging new shoots and ancient blooms 🌸 we’ve carried within us for years but whose roots are only now beginning to delve deeper. May their blooms be bigger and brighter as a result 🙏 I remember doing a lot of prayerful thinking about my purpose at a particular moment years ago. I heard the phrase “to know God’s love and to share it” and loved it. Then I found Mother Teresa’s quote “There are no great acts; only small acts done with great love”, and decided that was also integral to my purpose. Sharing that there are no great acts, as well as letting go of the heroism in myself. Welcoming the small, recognising that it could be the seed of transformation that will affect the all. (Philip Roderick the UK Contemplative Fire Founder talks about the “small to the all” sometimes.) Then I love the idea of being a wave on God’s ocean in your later post, too… you’ve got me thinking this morning Anne. Thank you Lv Ali D (CF UK) xxx


    • lovely to have you find me here Ali! i share with you that bit about love being core to life. my journey is to know LOVE. and really like the idea of ‘small acts with great love’ yup. oh and letting go of heroism! oh yes to that too.

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