The Junkyard and the Sea Lions

Today I was walking quickly toward the cry of the sea lions. ARRRKKKK! Their cries were filling the air as I hurried down the road to enjoy them. But along the road I kept forgetting their cry and seeing the rubble all around me. The first stretch of road is nicely cared for, but around the corner is a repair shop, with boats, car parts and sea planes waiting to be repaired. To me – ugly. I crossed the path, ran over a bit of grass to find a deserted trailer and dog-house. To me – ugly. Further down the road was a heap of broken chairs, heaters, motors, propellers, you name it, heaped up and just left. To me – ugly.

The sea lions were calling me and all I was seeing was somebody’s leftovers, broken bits of life left to rust and collect muck.

I’ve been meditating in some form for about thirty years. I’ve heard God’s call and had wonderful experiences of the reality of God’s presence. Often those experiences haven’t occurred during prayer or meditation but randomly when I least expect it, yet I meditate every day hoping I will disappear into some blissful depths. I don’t usually. Yet I still show up to pray.

Rather, like hearing the cry of the sea lions, walking out to enjoy them, and seeing instead, the broken bits from other’s lives, I enter into meditation knowing the call of God upon my life, and get distracted by the broken, obtrusive bits of my own life. Why do I give them any energy???!! May my heart be set upon the call of sea lions, the call of God upon me.

I understand distractions, their shape, form and reality. I’ve taught about them and I still experience them. When will they stop? I know some people, during meditation do make it past the reptiles and enter an interior castle of stillness. I know stillness within. I know peace and joy. Yet I still know the junkyard of distractions too.

Guess I’m just a human soul, a work-in-progress. I know where I’m going, but oh….the journey is long. Hmmm, but the one who walks with me, walks through the junkyard with me is so sweet. Unfinished as I am, I’m secure and held. From that place I can see beauty, for what is one person’s junkyard is another person’s creative opportunity. God is not a junk maker, but a restorer of human souls. Yeah God.

Do you ever get caught by a junkyard?

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Society Member with Shalem Institute for Contemplative Living

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4 thoughts on “The Junkyard and the Sea Lions

  1. Distractions are a major problem for me. I appreciate your comments. Distractions hold me back , delay me from making decisions and taking action. When I get past them I am back on course . Joan


  2. That reminded me of my time on Koh Lipe, Satun. The tourist side of the island was pristine. The residential side of the island was messy, full of leftover bits from the locals trying to make a living, day to day, either from fishing or tourism or whatever. But, the residential side was also full of children’s laughter, as they reeled around the sandy roads in their parents commercial tuk tuks. Life does get messy, but, if you look, you can still see the joy.


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