Do You Trust Me?

“Close your eyes. Open your mouth. I have a surprise for you!”. I was perched on a step ladder cleaning the curtains in the living room of the manor house. Each day I had a gardening or household task to accomplish as part of my responsibility of visiting the Christian community that lived in this old house in Hampshire, England. I liked being in the community and doing simple tasks. They were a welcome release from the intense study that we were supposed to be doing. I wanted to escape a lot of thinking so weeding the garden or house cleaning were gifts to me.

I was by myself in the large living room when the young man, came to me with his surprise. I imagine most of us have heard that children’s rhyme before. I certainly had, but when I tried to close my eyes, I couldn’t. When I tried to open my mouth, I couldn’t. I froze in front of him. I knew him a bit and had no negative reactions to him, but I completely froze, unable to respond to him. Smiling gently, he said ‘Ah, you’re not able to trust me. Here is the candy Anne.’. He moved quietly out of the room leaving me with a life-long learning. Can I trust? Do I trust? Who will I trust? What will I trust? Trust……

From that moment in June 1972, learning about trust has been a regular theme in my life. Last week it emerged one more time. I live in whale country where we often share videos when the Orca’s or Humpbacks that frequent Howe Sound emerge from the depths and show themselves. They flip their tails, breech, sprout and even nudge boats. We celebrate the hidden beauties!

Last week TRUST emerged, flipper her tail in my face and even nudged my boat. I was away on retreat, with my meditation and prayer times interspersed with re-reading ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. This time his description of Spirit guiding him and people close to him, had an extra vibrancy for me. I could feel the weight of God’s presence in his life, in our world, and in my life. Yes, the very details of my life being held by Loving Spirit and the details of your life too. Flip. Breech. Nudge. I do trust the presence of God within me, around me and with you. I can’t see Spirit all the time, yet I do TRUST her presence and celebrate those moments when I KNOW I trust.

Trusting provides a different life experience. In June 1972 I was a raw, wounded and scared young woman. Now, nearly fifty years later, I’m quite different. As I live from a place of trust, I know that deep down, often hidden, but always present is my Loving God and that I belong to God, am one with my Creator. I’m so grateful for the spiritual growth that I’ve experienced so I could move more deeply into a life of trusting the hidden beauty within me and all creation, the hidden beauty that guides us and that sometimes flips her tail.

How about you? Close your eyes, reach out your hands. Life has a surprise for you. Will you receive what life is sending? Or are you too struggling with trust?

Last week, when TRUST emerged again, it was coming from my depths, to show both it’s beauty and reality. God is always present, always, willing to guide us and sometimes shows up with big sprout of water!

Covered with whale water…


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