Four Words


As I walk the mountain I’m humming four words. Each word slows me down so I pay attention to my footsteps. I’m more attentive to my walk, the woods around me, and to being alive, today.

My words grew out some mindfulness meditations from Thich Nhat Hanh. I’ve been doing an online course from him and realized I needed to do it a second time.  (It’s one that Sounds True offers: Body and Mind are One). This time I’ve laid aside my knitting so I can take notes.  My mind wanders less when my hand holds a pen and puts marks on paper!

Each section of the course begins with a guided meditation, a series of repeated phrases that the student is to take into a walking meditation and daily practice. Over the last few months as I’ve listened to them, I found I was creating my own phrases, a tiny bit different and reflective of my life. The phrases fall on the in breath and out breath:

Breathing in: The mountain is solid

Breathing out: I’m solid

Mountain/solid (stay with these words till ready to change)

Breathing in: The creek is flowing

Breathing out: I’m flowing


Breathing in: The trees are still

Breathing out: I’m still


Breathing in: The birds are singing

Breathing out: I’m singing


Breathing in: Solid

Breathing out: Flowing

Breathing in: Still

Breathing out: Singing

Solid/Flowing/Still/Singing  (repeating these four words until it’s time to move on)

During the day I’m carrying those four words around with me. Sometimes I pause, take a breath and lay my words on my breath. Then I know I’m here and present with whomever I am with, wherever I am.

Do you have four words that are yours to ground you? What might they be?

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Contemplative Fire Canada, Founder



6 thoughts on “Four Words

  1. Anne, I loved this, I just found it so beautiful, yet so simple. I’m going to use your four words to begin, then I know my own will follow.

    I don’t have the mountains but I have the surrounding hills, no creek but a canal and a river. Lots of trees and birds….

    I have a beautiful book called True Love, by T N Hanh that my Buddhist son gave me for a present. It’s a real little treasure.

    Thanks always for your words of encouragement.



    • each of his books that i’ve read have been thoughtful and helpful. Have you read ‘Living Buddha, Living Christ’?


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