Listening Distance – Again


A reader sent me a link to a compelling video that speaks again to living within listening distance of God.  If you just want the clip – skip to the end! or linger with me for a bit of set up….

This week a friend was describing how, one day, she heard ‘the tapping on her heart’.  She wasn’t alone but with two other people who heard the same ‘heart tapping’. BUT they made a decision together not based on their common shared experience but on an external policy structure they’d been given by their organization. Later, as events unfolded, they regretted they hadn’t listened to their ‘heart tapping’.

I felt sad as she told her story, yet it was so familiar too. Having a sense of something yet not living into it…..isn’t that familiar to so many of us?

I remembered a community I was part of years ago that taught me so much about listening together to the Spirit of God. It was wonderful to sit with a team, listening for ‘heart tapping’, that inner sense that we all shared and then making our decisions, within a community structure but with the freedom to follow our ‘heart tapping’. We had wonderful years together, sometimes stumbling over each other, but generally growing together because we respected each other and respected the ‘heart tapping’ that we were learning to listen to.

In my early Christian years, one verse that jumped out for me was John 3.8 ‘The wind blows where it pleases. You hear the sound of it but don’t know where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with anyone born of the Spirit.’ I sat at a beach this week and watched kites fly in the wind, lifting, dipping and soaring again, responding to each breath of the wind. Oh I long to live so sensitive to the Spirit. To be lifted, dipped, flipped around all trusting the Spirit as I listen to the ‘heart tapping’.

Here’s the link I tempted you with. It’s the true story of a pastor who learns to slow down and listen to God.

How might we live Godspeed? How might we live listening to the ‘tapping of on our heart’? How might we live blown by breath of God?

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Contemplative Fire Canada, Founder

5 thoughts on “Listening Distance – Again

  1. Dear Mtr. Anne, I met you many years ago at Synod around the time you were first introducing Contemplative Fire to Canada. I was impressed and although I never had the chance to join your congregation for a service I did begin to follow your postings. Also, I met one of your early devotees, Ann who gave me Reiki treatments for awhile. Just wanted to give you a heads up when I “friend” you on FB.. I think it was suggested because I’m a FB friend of Sr. Elizabeth Ann. I hope you’ll accept. Stay safe and well. Peace and Light, Liz Magner


  2. Dear Anne, I received that earlier in the month from Joanne Lang, and I LOVED it . I’m assuming that’s where you got it from!! It really resonated with me. It’s truly beautiful and speaks volumes. I’m so glad she sent it to you.

    We certainly don’t have to “preach” to people. All we have to do is love them, see Jesus in their faces, and listen to them. That can convey so much.

    I’m sure this enforced slowing down will change many people’s lives for the better. They will be able to listen for the tapping of the heart, perhaps for the first time.

    Love and thank you so much for Mystic in Motion. Barbara.

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  3. That is so powerful. Tom Wright and Eugene Peterson are two of my favourite theologians and Matt’s story is inspiring, a wonderful balm in out current circumstances.


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