Listening Distance 2


In response to my blog last week, one of our readers sent me this quote:

“In his book The Heart of the Hunter, Laurens van der Post tells his story of living in the Kalahari Desert with the bushmen of South Africa. It became obvious to van der Post that these primitive peoples knew intimately the presence of wisdom in every blade of grass and in every heartbeat. The bushmen had a mysterious kind of inner knowing. They knew when the enemy was approaching and danger was near, they knew when to move their camps, and when and where the rains would come. They knew where to go for the hunting that would sustain their lives. When questioned about this mysterious inner knowledge, they spoke of what they called the ‘tapping of the heart.’

From an early age they had been commanded to heed this tapping. When they felt it coming, they were to become very quiet inside and to listen vigilantly to the tapping. It was like a sixth sense, an unexplainable knowing. Reflecting on the uncomplicated lives of these ancient peoples I have come to believe that this mysterious knowing in them was nothing less than the wisdom of God.”

Oh…to mature within a community, a family group, that commands one to listen to such inner wisdom! How different from much of my training!

In the next few weeks most of us will begin to emerge from different levels of social isolation. One of my desires is to listen to the ‘tapping of my heart’ as I emerge. What is life-giving? How is Spirit directing me? Will I have the courage to listen? Will I have the courage to act on what I hear?

It’s so easy for me to call the bushmen ‘primitive’, but my sophistication can be an obstacle to spiritual intimacy. May it not be so. May I, may all of us, wait on God. Sit quietly. Even within our activities to be quiet and to keep listening to the tapping, to the whisper, to the words of loving guidance.  To wait and to trust.

Be safe, be well, and emerge wisely


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Contemplative Fire Canada, Founder

2 thoughts on “Listening Distance 2

  1. Listerning Softly—-a voice speaks:  Honour yourself.Praise the Light that burns brightly within,And know that you are a blessing.Drink from the golden chaliceAnd allow the sweet nectar of Divine Love to fill you.Journey each day into this special placeOf calmness and knowing.Feel the magnitude of the great loveOf your indwelling spiritAllow all parts of yourself to mergeIn this glowing energy.Experience the peace of your being.Go beyond thoughts.Allow feelings to dissolve.Let go of all tension,And rest before the altar of your heart.Listen.


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