What day is it? Who am I?


Are you beginning to wonder what day it is? Without the usual activities that give structure to my week, I find I have to stop and think about what day it is.  I know I’m not the only one!

Then the other day someone said, “I’m a baker!” I realized how often I hear people describe themselves as a skier, a reader, or a hiker. You know the list, it goes on and on. We describe our self by a hobby or a job or a role. I could be a hiker, wife, counsellor or priest.  Then COVID19 happens and we are at home, stripped of our usual activities and roles. The ones we keep are often re-defined with different expectations and responsibilities. What day is it? Who am I?

How about a completely different perspective? Who I am, is a Child of God. My life is not defined by activities, responsibilities, or roles. I am not the body, nor am I the role that it fills in the world. My life is eternal. I am a Child of God, born of God, an inheritor of God’s kingdom, the peaceable kingdom. Yes, I am alive on earth in this body and known as Anne by those around me, but who I am is within my soul. I am a Child of God, a spiritual being having a human experience.

So in the midst of my human experience of social distancing, of only essential outings, of elimination of roles and responsibilities, I find myself more clearly as simply my soul life. I am a Child of God, known by God, loved by God. I am not my body, not my role, not my hobbies. Yes, I have all those pieces of my life, I ordered groceries to be delivered today and planned our meals, but what is real, what I will take with me when I leave this life, is my eternal nature. Born of God, connected with God, seeking to experience more of God.

Who are you? Are you defining yourself by what you enjoy or do here within this life span? Is that all you are? What would it be like to have a bigger picture of your life, of your Self? What would it be like to know yourself as a Child of God?

During this unique period in history,  may the veil be pulled back and we awaken to a bigger picture of who we are, of our eternal purpose. May this time of slowing down, open us to a deeper life. Travel Light. Dwell Deep.

Be blessed this day my friends, for you are known and loved. There is much more to life than what has been cancelled and that you can’t do today.

Love and Prayers


Mystic in Motion

Companion on the Way with Contemplative Fire

Contemplative Fire Canada, Founder


5 thoughts on “What day is it? Who am I?

  1. Thank you, Anne, that was so beautiful.

    Knowing that God is passionate about me, that I am beautifully and wonderfully made, was was one of the most freeing truths that I came to understand, years ago. It has accompanied me through all the ups and downs of life. Thanks to your teaching Anne, it has become the bedrock of my life.
    It brings tears to my eyes,


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