“There’s No One There!” Life Beyond the Clouds

Clouds move up and down our mountain. Sometimes I can see the trees and the water, and other times I only can see the cloud that embraces our home. Yesterday a new person arrived at our home during one of those moments when we were immersed within the cloud. She responded with “I bet the view is wonderful here!” Despite the cloud, she could imagine what we most often see. How wonderful it is to be able to see beyond the cloud.

Sometimes in our life we move through cloudy spells too. The other day I led a group through a guided meditation that involved entering a wilderness. Each person held a small stone with an angel impressed on it. As part of the meditation I invited them to look around and with their imagination see who was accompanying them. Since we had read scriptures to set the scene, I asked if it was an angel, or Jesus? Afterward one member came to me to let me know that there was no one with her in the wilderness. She felt all alone, covered in a dense cloud.

What do we do when we feel all alone spiritually? I’ve certainly known those times when I felt disconnected from God, times when doubts assailed me, fears stabbed me or worries poisoned me. Times when I felt overwhelmed by life. Exhausted. Times when I couldn’t see beyond the cloud.

That sense of being alone is so penetrating. On my mountainside I’m at the mercy of the winds and pressure zones to move the clouds, but in my own life, I have been taught and experienced ways to help me see beyond the clouds. First, I acknowledge the cloud, not running from it but rather opening to the fear, worry, doubt, exhaustion, loneliness or whatever is assailing me. I say “Hello” to it. Second, after saying “I see you”, I remind myself that there is more to life. There are trees and water beyond the cloud. In humility I ask ‘The-God-I-Can’t See’ for help. I recall some time of connection, of goodness in my life. I recall a spiritual memory when I did know God’s presence with me. Often, I write both down, acknowledging the cloud and then going more deeply into a memory of a positive time. Third, I think of someone else. Is there someone I could help today? If I’m alone, I might find someone to hold in the loving presence of God. Even if I can’t see God, I know that God’s reality and healing presence is NOT dependent on my cognitive or emotional awareness. The trees are always there! Fourth, I find some mature friend and speak to them about my cloud. I ask them just to listen deeply to me. These four steps can be repeated – as often as needed.

Hello Cloud – Help Me – Help Another –Hello Friend.


I found it quite precious yesterday when our visitor could instinctively see beyond the clouds. I seek to live from such a place of trust. I seek to live not running from the clouds, but knowing they will pass, and the reality beyond will not. I will trust the Bigger Reality beyond these passing worries and difficulties. I will trust the Unseen Reality for it is more real than the current cloud that is blowing through my life. Trees and Water win over Clouds.

How about you? Do you feel alone? Is there a cloud moving through your world? How will you live your best life?

Love and prayers


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One thought on ““There’s No One There!” Life Beyond the Clouds

  1. Dear Anne, Thank you for your words! Even together we are thousands of miles apart, I can hear your voice and you always speak to my soul and feed me.

    I think we all experience those times, as you say, when we feel exhausted and overwhelmed with life and can’t see beyond the clouds. I love the way you suggest that we ask for help from,”The God I Can’t See.”

    As it says in Psalm 77 and 143, I remember what the God has done in the past and I trust and surrender to Him once again.


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