A Stew Pot of Wondering: Turning something messy into nourishing food

Warm comfort food. That’s what a stew is for me. Slow, simmering, flavours deepening with the hours steeping. Yum. Awhile ago I got served a stew that had dark chocolate in it! Now that was yummy – rich dark brown, not tasting of chocolate but undercut with it. But I digress…

I was invited today to enter more deeply into a place of wonder. Take a question I’m pondering or an issue I’m mulling over and open the door to wondering about it. To wonder is to take the question and then turn it around, look at it from all sorts of sides, from underneath, overhead and inside it. See the question from other people’s perspective. What would….(and you insert a friend, a spouse, a colleague, a neutral person, a hostile person)….think about it. What would God’s Eternal View be of it? Wonder opens the door to the unexpected, to those amazing ‘Ah ah moments’, the spontaneous knowing and maybe a few surprises.

What’s all this got to do with stews? Well I realized that sometimes when I intentionally think on an issue, and I could name a few that have followed me in my life, I don’t open the door to wonder but I sit in it like a stew pot. The issue or question simmers away within me, getting deeper and sometimes darker, but not more flavorful! I find myself ruminating on it again and again even sometimes getting caught in a vortex of fear, worry and shame. I think on it. I analyze it. I stew on it.

To take the same issue and wonder about it would be radically different.  Wonder brings hope and possibility. With wonder I invite God to speak from an Eternal Perspective. With wonder I open the door, open many doors for a new direction, new insight, new solution, new acceptance.

The Door of Wonder.


Today will be a day I open ‘The Door of Wonder’.

How about you? ‘Stew Pot’ or’Door of Wonder’?

Love and prayers


If this is interesting to you, please share with a friend. Together we’ll broaden the contemplative pathway.

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