What a marvelous word! I heard ‘unfolding’ yesterday in our group meditation time at Rivendell. It was embedded in one of Nan Merrill’s psalms. I saw a pathway that was curled up, unfolding in front of me. It is called ‘The Way of Love’. I could both see the whole pathway unfolding as well as know that each step unfolds at a time. Step by step. Step by beautiful step. Each step leads towards healing and wholeness for that is The Way of Love.

Today I can still feel the word ‘unfolding’ within me. I love the unknown yet known, quality to it. I engage with the whole idea of unfolding, revealing, becoming known, step by step. So often when I hike the mountains I both enjoy the splendor all around me, but only concentrate on the next slippery, trudging step. Step by step I climb the mountain. Step by step I allow The Way of Love to unfold in my life.

I have so much to learn about love. I trust the Loving Spirit to be my teacher. I watch Jesus as he moves through his human interactions with people who like him and people who don’t, with people who are curious and people who challenge, with people who are searching and people who are suspicious of something new. Each interaction shows me what The Way of Love looks like in action. Each meeting, if the person is open, leads to healing and wholeness. Yet not everyone is receptive for some simply don’t want what he offers. He doesn’t push or insist on his way. He releases them. Each encounter unfolds a bit more of the pathway of The Way of Love.

I trust this pathway will continue to unfold in my life and yours too. Are you walking with me? What do you see as the pathway called ‘The Way of Love?’

Love and prayers


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5 thoughts on “Unfolding

  1. Interesting idea “unfolding love” perhaps it takes the space that once was claimed by suspicion, mistrust, and anger. May purchase book on psalms for praying. Need to think about it. Joan


  2. I feel as if every day is unfolding gently, if I allow the Lord to take charge. I don’t need to see exactly where I’m going if I just let Him take hold of my hand and gently lead me along. Each step is an adventure with Him. I must relax and try to enjoy the journey, and be content with the unknown.


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