I wish I had words to express to you how beautiful it is here.

Today as I look out my cabin window, I can see the Douglas fir that are close to our home, but just beyond them are puffs of clouds. I know if I was driving down the road, I’d see our part of the mountain embraced by cloud.

And then… I look up again and a tiny bit of our mountain cloud has shifted. I can see the tips of the cedars that are lower down the hillside. Tips are showing, but the cedars are still muted by cloud.

How can grey cloud, grey tree trunk, dark green fir and cedar be breathtaking…. but they are, to me. Something deep within me gasps and pauses. Beauty. Natural beauty. I’m surrounded by it.

This week we made a trip to the western side of Vancouver Island. We saw enormous Douglas Fir and red cedar trees. So tall my neck strained to look at their tips. So wide I was tiny within their embrace. We watched the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash upon the rocks or smoothly glide onto the long, wide beaches, both hypnotic. Beauty. Natural Beauty. I’m surrounded by it.

I encountered another kind of beauty this week. We have several published authors in our village. Whenever I sit with one or more of them, something inside me starts to dance! As I told you a while ago, I’ve been pecking away for a couple of years at my spiritual memoirs. Recently I’ve been both drawn to work more intentionally on something and lost as to what I should work on and what approach I should take. I’ve been caught spinning around in a writer’s whirlpool. This week, at a village event, I was chatting with one of our authors and she offered to read my very unfinished draft. I was amazed at the offer. What a gift. Instinctively I feel I can trust her to give me an opinion on whether to write for my family or another audience. I felt such warmth. Since we were leaving town the next day, I sent her the draft that evening. I did it quickly while the warm feeling was still there. Before any inner critic could pull me back with doubts and hesitations. Her offer to read my unfinished work was such a gift to me. Beauty. Natural Beauty. I’m surrounded by it.

I’m grateful for the natural beauty within which I live. I’m grateful for the natural beauty of the people in my village. I’m grateful that more and more I know that I am one with the beauty around me. How I’ve changed. It wasn’t always like that.

How about you? What’s beautiful in your world?

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

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10 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Dear Anne : What is beautiful?

    Back about 20 years Ian and I took a train trip to Prince Rupert. It was wonderful in Prince Rupert; so far away, so green with forests nearby. There wasHalibut too and a parade “just for the halibut”.

    Keeping a relationship with my sister when I am 87 and she is 4. 1/2. Years younger with husband, 2 children and 6 grandchildren

    Still finding life interesting and am quite healthy. Book club, garden club and art club provide interest and friendship. Still at St. Johns’.

    Presently Taking care of my houseplants and checking light quantity they need to live and thrive. I have a light meter.

    Thanks for your messages . Hope work as a writer continues.

    Sincerely. Joan Sent from my iPhone



  2. I look forward with great anticipation every week to receiving your inspiring blog, truly a ‘beautiful’ ‘gift’ that seems to come from your natural self.


  3. Thanks for my meditation this week on beauty. There is beauty in homely thingsWhich many people have never seen,For instance, do you knowSunlight through a jar of peach-plum jelly;A rainbow in soapsuds in dishwater:An egg yolk in a  soft blue bowl:White ruffled curtains shifting moonlight;The colour of cranberry glass;A little english cottage with blue shutters;Crimson roses in an old stone crock;The smell of newly-baked bread;Candlelight on old brass;The soft brown of a retriever’s eyes;Chickadees chirping happily at the bird feeder?Blessings as you enjoy the radiance and beauty of God’s creation!Sending rainbows of God’s love to you and HughJoanne


    • Yes, yes, yes! you shine light on beauty all around us. thank you Joanne. thank you. Big hug to you and love to both you and Chris.


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