Easter Reflections: God is Enough, More Than Enough


(( I love that Easter, within the church year, lingers for fifty days. I penned these words just after our Easter celebration 2019))

Last week I experienced The Abundance of God. Today I linger in my pjs till noon, a bit exhausted by the abundance! I found one of those waves of the Spirit and rode it all week so today, I’m tossed on the shore to delight in the experience. God is enough, more than enough.

The week was full of activities, with people, with conversations, with experiences and ideas being exchanged, with errands and appointments that make up life, with meals out with family and new friends, with an abundance of worship services and punctuated with a day of fasting and prayer.

In the midst of the flow of Holy Week I heard the voice of The Loving Spirit drawing me closer. As I sat in a contemplative prayer service around the last supper with Jesus and his friends, he called me to trust him. The words were both surprising for they weren’t in the text, but also so familiar and real. Again and again I’ve heard the invitation to trust God’s Spirit, to lean into the presence within me. Surrender. Let the Spirit carry me forward. I am to be open.

On Friday as I held a crucifix in my hands and then later sat in front of a cross, I began to wonder what in me needs to die so I can trust more deeply, so I can live surrendered into loving arms. I realize I’ve prayed that same prayer, perhaps different words, but the same prayer, for over forty-five years. I’ve carried an inner sense that there something in me that blocks the free flow of God into the world through me and I long for that block to be released, for the dam to be broken, so more and more of God’s healing presence might flow through me.

Easter Sunday gifted me with the words of Jesus to Mary in the garden, ‘Don’t hold on to me.’ Ah yes, trust, let go, surrender. Are there old beliefs, labels, perspectives that no longer serve me? I’m in a new life here, finding new ways forward. It’s time to trust even more deeply, trust the goodness, the abundance of God.

God is enough, more than enough.

Today our home is drenched in a cloud. I can see the first few meters of trees, but that is all. The sun will re-appear. I know I can trust that. Resurrection is a part of life. Everyday. Everywhere. The sun is always shining somewhere. There is always new life happening. I trust. It is into that goodness I surrender, letting go of old ways, prescribed ways of being, old doubts and fears.

God is enough, more than enough.

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

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