There’s a Sign on My Door…

There’s a sign on my door, but what is it? ‘Gone Fishing’ implies I’m off on holiday. ‘Out to Lunch’ says I’m taking a needed break for nourishment. ‘Under New Management’ says same business but new influence. ‘Sold’ says I’ve closed and ‘Retiring – Thanks for your business’ says the same. To some degree all of those are true, but not quite expressive of what’s happening to me.

As the days lengthen with summer ease, we prepare for our annual family visit and our move kicks into high gear, I realize the desire to release myself from the discipline of offering a weekly thought. I always write, for it’s second nature to me, but I need to give myself the permission to publish again when I’m ready. I want my offerings to be Spirit led, not pushed by my driven nature who produces no matter what!

Maybe the sign is ‘Relocating – New Location Four Provinces Over’. But that doesn’t quite express it either.

I find our move is taking up a lot of my energy. I’ve let my inner organizer get to work which has been helpful, but I feel the loss of the spaciousness I’ve known in the last year. When I started the blog, I was working, and it was therapeutic for me to write my angst. It helped me find a path towards more inner spaciousness and rest. Right now, I need a break from weekly writing, at least for the summer, or until the Spirit says again to me ‘Write Anne’. I want my offerings to be led by the Spirit and not by my driven, habitual nature. Perhaps they’ll become sporadic. I simply don’t know.

I’m currently reading one of David Benner’s books ‘Living Wisdom’. I’m wondering about writing a series in the fall that works through his material. Each chapter has ‘Questions to Ponder’ and an intriguing reading list. I’m considering using this material as the Study portion for my Rhythm of Life in the fall. He has published the book in a PDF and made it available without cost. If you’d like to explore it and consider joining me, here is the link:

You can download the PDF book at the following link:

with the password: livingwisdom. If that fails try his website

So… Good-bye for now. God is with you. Pray for me as Spirit leads you. Take care of each other. Who will you be kind to today? Who will you forgive? Who will you let love you?

I will miss you.

Love and Prayers


Mystic in Motion

Contemplative Fire, Community Leader Canada



7 thoughts on “There’s a Sign on My Door…

  1. Dear Anne
    This is YOUR time.
    for giving of your time to me and to all of us.
    It is now your time, your journey.
    You are surrounded by the prayers and love.

    (I just downloaded.)


    • Thanks for the send off Jan. A friend suggested the sign I hang is “Closed for the Season” – sounds like a good one to me! I’ll be back in when the new season arrives.


  2. May it go well with you, Anne!

    I have found your posts to be wonderful and looked forward with anticipation to opening them…always gentle nudges to stay focused in the looking for Jesus in my everything.

    Change is good Anne, you’ll have All Sorts of reasons to talk with Jesus – and lots of new material to share with us again someday !

    I will consider David’s Brenner’s book and may use it to prepare myself for your possible future study.

    I thank God for you and your service to us. I pray his continued blessings on you and your loved ones.

    Meg Dias


    • Thanks for your encouraging words Meg. I appreciate the listening ears and reading eyes you’ve given to my reflections. I think I’m hanging the sigh ‘Closed for the Season’ and i’ll return when the next season emerges. thank you for your prayers.


  3. So I guess I’ll just read this ALL day !!!
    Let it soak in.
    But, that’s me.
    Not you!
    And, you, is that you are ready to fly!!!
    Go for it and relish it !!!
    You are ‘doing’ it! If not now, when !
    Yayyyy Anne!


  4. Dear Anne, I perfectly understand you wanting some “ space “ at this time in your life. Like me, you are coping with lots of change, and that in itself can be very exhausting. We are both on a similar journey, so I can identify as to how you feel. We have to care for ourselves and set our boundaries.

    I loved your Mystic in Motion blog, it always spoke to that deep place within me, and fed my soul so I will miss it, but you have to go the way the Spirit is leading you. As you say, maybe one day you may start it again.

    I do hope you’re enjoying the time with your family. I’m sure there was great rejoicing when France won the World Cup for soccer.

    We’re still not in our new home, hopefully by the end of this month we will be. Life has been busy though, as we have been involved in getting my 98 year old father into a home.

    I do pray for you and Hugh, please remember me to him. I hope all the final packing and clearing out goes well. It truly is an emotional time in one’s life. I’m pretty sure you will be greatly missed by so many people in Toronto but we are following the leading of the Spirit and that is what matters.

    Love and prayers, Barbara.

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