Praying Again


I find myself drawn again to prayer. I thought I might write a series of blogs on many different types of prayer: the prayer of fear, or of desperation, or of surrender, or of hope. But instead, I simply want to pray.

Often at the beginning of the day I peek at the news of the world. What’s going on beyond my safe prayer room? Today it wasn’t the horrors of the world that caught my attention but the rapid technological changes that are coming. I felt rise within me a desire to pray, not just in this moment, but as the ongoing course of my life. As I enter my elder years, is this my season to deepen my prayerful presence? I long to sit on a rock, be still, listen and hold the world in God’s loving embrace.

I leave the service prep and offerings, the educational programs and groups, the practical pastoral activities to others, and find myself turning to being still, to listening, to holding our dear pounding, aching world, in God’s embrace.

I came across a story this week, a story of prayer. Once when Mother Theresa was asked how she prayed, she said she sat still and listened. When asked what she heard she replied nothing. God was still and listening.

Sometimes the veil has been lifted for me and I’ve heard something, but most often, I too sit and all is quiet from the Precious One. I love the image of simply sitting together. I believe in that simple sitting, there is power, there is a conduit of goodness into the world.

Did you know that Contemplative Fire offers “Hidden Houses of Prayer”? It is a place for those of us who feel a call to solitary prayer to gather. Would you like to join me?

What moves you to prayer? What are those moments like for you?

If this is interesting to you, please show support by sharing it with a friend. Let’s broaden the contemplative pathway.

For Lent, I’ll be posting Lenten Reflections through Sign up there to receive them.

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Contemplative Fire, Community Leader Canada






4 thoughts on “Praying Again

  1. To see the world in a grain of sand
    And the world in a wildflower
    To hold infinity in the palm of your hand
    And eternity in an hour


    • of yes! one year at a Contemplative Fire Community Weekend in the UK we danced in the fields to that poem! I could see you dancing with us! – Anne


  2. Hello Anne –

    Thanks for this blog. I always read them and the seasonal Reflections, and this one really drew me in. I too have thought about using my newly available time (since retirement) to pray more/differently. I clicked on the link but seemed to have some difficulty moving past the home page of But this may be my navigational skills; I will try again. I would be interested in joining you; can you tell me more of how you are thinking about this?

    I am still not able to attend gatherings due to restrictions with my ankle cast, but will be back in circulation as soon as I can get the okay.

    Thanks, Anne

    P.S. Does St. John’s Convent interest you? Perhaps you have already been there. If not, it is a lovely place to join in a midday Eucharist and to pray. I went with an associate – you may have to phone ahead. You have probably heard of the prayer course taught by Sister Constance – mostly for seminary students I think (maybe you have already taken the course).


    • Hi Anne — good to hear from you. Hidden Houses of Prayer is very informal and gentle. i’d suggest you email them at It is so those of us who do pray on our own, have some connection with other like minded souls. Right now i haven’t thought of organizing anything public about it in Canada. they have done that in the UK, drawn people together for a day. Maybe….

      and yes i’m familiar with the convent and sister constance. my contemplative home is with Contemplative Fire. I’m nourished by our very simple rhythm of Travelling LIght – Dwelling Deep as expressed through prayer/study/action. it is very good to know of physical places we can go to be nourished and the convent satisfies many.

      may your healing continue! i look forward to seeing you soon.


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