A Different Kind of Chaos


Originally the focus of this blog was about how to be a contemplative in a chaotic world. There must be a way! I’ve been writing it for almost two years and I know it has been helpful to me. As I articulate the obstacles and challenges I’ve faced, as I’ve worked them through with you, my anonymous, gentle reader, I’ve repeatedly found my pathway. I know myself more deeply as a contemplative and I feel less and less overwhelmed by the circumstances around me. YEAH!

For the next few weeks I’ve got a different kind of chaos in my life. It’s self-imposed. I’ve initiated it, said yes to it and will stay in it. It’s a very common kind of chaos. I imagine most of you have experienced it, and many do so often. For most people it’s an enjoyable, even sought after chaos. Many simply call it ‘change’ and say it’s good for us. The chaos? I’m away from home, away from routines, away from my prayer chair, my ravine walks and with my dear husband 24/7. We’re travelling for three weeks.

Who can complain about travelling you might ask? (especially if you knew where we were, for it’s lovely!). But for me, I feel the chaos of it. Mediating in an airport or on board a plane or in a small shared space, just isn’t the same for me. Perhaps it exposes the superficiality of my practice. Perhaps it’s the level of my empath temperament. Perhaps it’s just normal. What I know, is that it simply isn’t the same. It gives me one more way to discover how to be a contemplative when I feel the chaos around me with altered circumstances and jet lag.

What anchors you? What provides you with the container for your contemplative practice? Do you know? It’s helpful to know, not only to be grateful for it, but also to know how to leave the container and keep your practice, your sense of presence wherever you go.

Added into the travel disruption is Christmas chaos too. Christmas always has it’s own kind of chaos with broken routines and celebrations, but this year for me it is even more different. It is the first year in many years without parish responsibilities and celebrations. I’m away from the usual Christmas services, away from my community of Contemplative Fire and in a foreign land, with people who don’t walk with the Christ of Christmas.

So for these three weeks, I’m walking through the disruption of travel and an enhanced Christmas chaos. I packed my travel yoga mat and a favourite Christian contemplative teacher as I re-read one of his books. I brought along good intentions to exercise, eat well (!) and keep my Advent practices in place of present moment living, fasting from negative thoughts and this week is a Jesus focus. Surely I can do it. Surely I can keep my sense of who I am, whose I am and live from a core of both peace and love. Surely I can. I know I’m never alone. Wherever I am, I’m known and valued.

If this is interesting to you, please show support by sharing it with a friend. Let’s broaden the contemplative pathway.

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion

Contemplative Fire, Community Leader Canada


2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Chaos

  1. Know that as you journey, among other sources of “being carried”, you will be so by the prayers
    of your brothers and sisters in Jesus. Continue on the pilgrim way with peace.


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