Finding My Way (3): Community Life

The second part of our Rhythm of Life that is important to me is that it is based in community life. Contemplative Fire is a dispersed monastic community. We fall into what is known today as the neo-monastic stream of the emerging church. We could think more about that another time, but what I want to highlight for myself and for you today is the community aspect.

The teaching I’ve received is that we’re not meant to live as isolated beings. We are relational and we are to live knowing others and being known by others. That is the source of some of our chaos, challenge and spiritual growth!

In Contemplative Fire we hold our Rhythm of Life both individually and locally. I craft my own rhythm for this year, and I’m to be in intentional relationship with others allowing them to know how my spiritual walk is going.

During my Sabbath Leave I spent quite a bit of time in solitude. It was wonderful for me for I know that solitude and silence nourish my soul. I also learnt how important community is to me. I really wanted to return to my family and to my faith family. I wanted more clarity in allowing them to know me and for me to know them.

One aspect of my return that has intrigued me is that there is a handful within Contemplative Fire who are asking for just what has landed inside me. They are asking for more intentional spiritual growth – a place where they can explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus. I’m wondering if we might craft some of our triads, Deep Listening groups into ones that intentionally focus on spiritual growth based on our rhythm.

Do you have people who know you spiritually? Do you have people you share your ups and downs of your faith life, your struggles, your questions and your delights?

We’re all in this together.

If this is helpful to you, please show support by sharing it with a friend. Let’s broaden the contemplative pathway.

Love and prayers


Contemplative Fire Community Leader Canada

Mystic in Motion

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