Finding My Way (2) Rhythm of Life

So I’m weeding my path…..this won’t be new to you, my Gentle Readers, yet I know it helps me to name it again and again. I hope you will take the time to name what nourishes and grounds you as well.

I follow a Rhythm of Life: Travelling Light – Dwelling Deep. I live instinctively in the depths of life, so I’m always turning towards the ‘light’, maybe in simplifying life, in doing less or having less or in laughing more, taking myself and what life sends me less seriously.

I live out my Rhythm of Life through intentional prayer/study/action. We have lots of words we use in Contemplative Fire to describe our Rhythm and each is meaningful to me. Here’s a graph:

Being                             Knowing                            Doing

Still Waters                Learning Journey         Across the Threshold

Prayer                           Study                                  Action

Contemplative        Creative                         Compassionate

And then we use a picture:

It’s called a trefoil and each of the words can be placed in one of the leaves. There is a continuous line that threads the leaves and my daily life together. It’s all rooted in the Wordless Space in the centre, that’s the heartbeat of God.

If you’re interested I could speak of what my prayer practice currently is, what I’m studying this fall, and how I get invited to cross thresholds by extending compassion and forgiveness in challenging places!

That’s what grounds me, nourishes me, sustains me as I move through a chaotic world. What grounds you Gentle One?

There is nothing new about Contemplative Fire’s Rhythm. It is an ancient pathway and I delight in encountering it in many traditions, all around the world. But it is ours. It is mine. I’m grateful for it. There is another component to it I’ll describe next time.

If this is helpful to you, please show support by sharing it with a friend. Let’s broaden the contemplative pathway.

Love and prayers


Contemplative Fire Community Leader Canada

Mystic in Motion

(Written September 25, 2017)


3 thoughts on “Finding My Way (2) Rhythm of Life

  1. Your concept of following a Rhythm of life and ways of turning towards the light – simplifying etc – caught my attention. I resonate and am encouraged. I am also inspired to contemplate the trefoil and prayerfully consider what words I would use. Thank you:)


    • thanks for sharing your encouragement around the trefoil. our words of being/knowing/doing or prayer/study/action follow a basic monastic practice – nothing unique about them! but they are tried and tested over centuries. when i was with a First Nations Elder a few months ago i noticed that many of his teachings used ‘3’s’ as well. they have an arrowhead shape with three points and anchor teachings on them, such as three things to think about in making decisions – self/others/God or self/family/community or past/future/present. i hope you find your three words!


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