Are You Back in the Saddle?

A friend asked me the other day if I ‘was back in the saddle’. It took me no time at
all to respond, “NO!” I realized that I’ve returned to work, but not gotten ‘back in
the saddle’. It was a helpful eye opener to see the extent to which I’ve changed
over the last four months.

I’m finding a new way to be in the work world, a way that doesn’t drain me. I’m
taking our Rhythm of Life more seriously. ‘Travelling Lightly and Dwelling
Deeply’ is the way for me to survive. I’ve always been attracted to those words
and valued them, but in the last few weeks they’ve become clearer and stronger to
me, a drag anchor in the fast current of ministry life. If something comes into my
world that doesn’t feel ‘light’ to me, I’m wary of it, observing it. What time and
attention do I need to give to it? I don’t need to jump on every request that comes.
Or if I am to join it, how will I do it lightly? And when I find myself moving quickly I
can observe that too and return to a slower, deeper pace, listening more and doing

The change feels very good to me. It is both work and not work. It is both choice
and ease. I think my old way of life made me saddle sore. Jesus was so clear to me
in some of my prayer times. It is time for quiet and rest Anne, not for chasing wild
horses so I’m not jumping back into the saddle. Maybe I’m looking for a new
saddle, maybe a new outfit to ride in, maybe a seat on the fence of the corral, or
maybe as my friend suggested… maybe you’re going to ride bareback! Yes!! For
now, I’m content with a seat on the fence, but if a horse might come who would
like to ride bareback along the beach with me…. I could be interested!

Are you saddle sore?

What does ‘Travelling Lightly – Dwelling Deeply’ mean to you?

Love and prayers
Community Leader Contemplative Fire

2 thoughts on “Are You Back in the Saddle?

  1. Dear Mystic: From my past I remember the “Saddle Sore” problem. A seat on the fence may be a solution for the present for someone who has been very busy.

    “Travel Light/Dwelling deep” for me is to restrict obligations. Take time to consider before and take time to

    reflect after a choice. The quote “ In all thy ways acknowledge Him and he will direct thy paths” applies here.

    Sincerely, Joan


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