Barging and Emerging

The other day, one dear to me said they’d recognized the difference in their life between ‘barging’ and ‘emerging’. For years they’d barged into situations, took control, got things done, but now they were learning to watch and see what emerges and join in the emerging work. She kindly said that I knew all this and no need to preach to me about it!….. oh how I need to hear the old, old story again and again!

I need repeatedly to hear of Jesus, who he was, who he is and how I’m completely known and securely loved. And then…living within that awareness, I can relax, trust and catch the emerging wave.

I’ve done a lot of barging in my life. I’ve taken charge, gotten things done. I don’t think it’s all bad, for there has been good in much that I’ve done. God is SO gracious. I’m often amazed goodness can come out of us crashing around, but it does. Over my twenty-five years in ministry I’ve seen it again and again. I may disagree with people and how they oversee ministries, I may be hurt by them, and I still see that God is blessing them. For years it was a mystery to me. Now I know a bigger God! However, I still chose how to live the life I’ve been given, and I don’t want to live barging around as much anymore. Less barging, more emerging. I want to be still enough to see what is happening beneath the surface, to catch a glimpse of the next rising wave. I want to continue longer in the beautiful inner stillness I’ve known so I can catch a peek at what God is doing.

I can’t be reminded enough – less barging, more emerging.

I’m returning to my communities after a four-month absence, returning to the fast ministry flow. I’m tempted to barge back in – well not really tempted, but I can feel some undercurrents that want to draw me back in. I’m glad to have had that clear reminder this week – Anne, how about living with less barging, more emerging?

Love and prayers for our journey


Community Leader Contemplative Fire Canada



2 thoughts on “Barging and Emerging

  1. Meaningful comments…comes to me naturally, it seems, to barge. Yet it takes more faith to resist jumping into things just because one can do the job. Stillness within is the dance I choose and reminders like this are a sweet breeze to the soul. More important to me is learning to discern my Father’s will – ’cause I really only wanna be where he wants me Courage to go on with my internal convictions…this is the faith He calls me to live. Thks for the fellowship Anne.


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