Resistance to Acceptance

My transition time begins in a busy city. We’ve rented an apartment for the week only to discover there is a bar with band on the bottom floor. A world away from my yurt retreat….. Our beautiful planet is filled with such diversity – from vast open wilderness to crowded cities, from forest stillness to honking cars. And – God is present in it all. There is no place where God’s Spirit doesn’t hum. On one level I ‘know’ that and yet…..

It’s so easy for me to be open to God’s Spirit when I stand on the edge of the ocean, or walk the forest trails, or sit on a rocky cliff. Nature just makes it easy to find the Spirit. Grad school for me is to find the same openness within me when the band is playing in the bar and the cars are honking and I’m surrounded by people who really don’t seem to care about the deep questions of life. ‘Where are You in the midst of all this motion?’ Or is the question, ‘Where am I, in the midst of all this motion?’

Do you know that experience of feeling so connected and then get jerked around by something or someone jostling you, so you lose your sense of being centered? I’m sure you do – that’s called being human. I find it’s what I do with that experience is what will strengthen me spiritually. I can continue to be spun around or I can seek to regain my connection awareness, returning to that place of trusting God within me, remaining in Love.

The first week of transition time is giving me an opportunity to practice! I keep my Rhythm of Life in place – being/knowing/doing. My meditation practice moves to the holiday version and is supplemented by an intentional return to the key experiences of my retreat time, and to the handful of key words that anchor me. I continue to read authors who are like friends to remind me and call me home. Both Butcher’s translation of ‘The Cloud of Unknowning’ and Robert Sardello’s ‘Silence’ have been my soul friends this week, helping to keep an expansiveness within me. My ‘doing’ or compassionate practice is hugely helpful – all those in the band below me, all those drivers honking and those people strolling the streets and shouting at 2.00am are objects of compassion! We’re all in this together.  Each is known and loved by God. What can we do to make our world be in harmony?

Hmm – maybe it is good to come out of the retreat world and be in the noisy, jostling world. I can resist the world or accept it and be a compassionate part of it. Resistance or Acceptance. Thanks for listening. You’ve helped move me along on the pathway of being open and still in a world that I find noisy.

How about you – resisting or accepting your current experience?

On the journey


Mystic in Motion


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