Transition Time

I’m moving now from a Sabbath Leave with a Retreat in Daily Life into a holiday/work month. I met with my Spiritual Director a few days ago to bring my Sabbath Leave to a close. It has been three, absolutely glorious months of prayer, reflection, solitude and big doses of nature. I’m very rested and content. I feel like my eyes, heart and mind are open. I’ve been asking the question for over a year, “What makes a sustainable life for me?” and I know I’ve experienced it in these three months.

The next month of my break is a combination holiday/work – three weeks of holiday and a week leading a silent retreat. This is where the work of my Sabbath Leave will begin to show. I’m grateful for this transition month before I return to work in July. How do I integrate all I’ve enjoyed in this long sabbath experience into daily life? This really is bringing my mystical journey into everyday life. Or is it allowing my everyday life to be shaped by the mystical reality? Can I be a Mystic in Motion?

I’ve spent the last few weeks wandering in Jesus’ last words to his friends before his arrest, John 14-17. I’ve been using The Message which has helped familiar words drop more deeply into my awareness. I’ve let Jesus get a place ready for me; he taken me by the hand and guided me; he’s opened life for me on God’s terms; he’s poured his joy into me, joy that overflows it’s riverbanks and joy no one can rob from me; he’s reminded me again and again that he is within the Father, and within me and I’m within him; he’s invited me into the loving dance that he has with the Father; as the Father loves him (and oh he knows that so intimately, no fear of loving there!), that love is the love he has for me; I’ve know his arms embracing me, slowing me down and holding me close; again and again I’ve heard ‘remain in my love’. Okay – now I need to step out into a family holiday and a month of suitcase living with all this moving within me. Off I go……

What gives shape and meaning to your days?

Love and prayers


Mystic in Motion


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