Sabbath Leave Perspective

For April, while I’m on Cortes, I’ve been praying with ‘Earth Gospel’ by Sam Hamilton-Poore. One day he offered a quote from Wayne Muller which described so clearly what has underpinned my Sabbath leave that I want to share it with you. I’m also very grateful to a colleague/friend who asked me if I was taking a Sabbatical or a Sabbath leave. A very helpful question for me. Without hesitation I said, “Sabbath!” I think Wayne describes why. I hope you enjoy and slowly ponder his thoughts.

In the trance of overwork, we take everything for granted. We consume things, people and information. We do not have time to savor this life, nor to care deeply and gently for ourselves, our loved ones, or our world; rather, with increasingly dizzying haste, we use them up, and throw them away….

Sabbath time can be a revolutionary challenge to the violence of overwork, mindless accumulation, and the endless multiplication of desires, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Sabbath is a way of being in time where we remember who we are, remember what we know, and taste the gifts of spirit and eternity.  ~ Wayne Muller

Love and prayers on the journey
Mystic in Motion

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