Leaving the Yurt

Life in a circle
Darkness surrounds
Seals barking before dawn
Daybreak emerges
Whispering winds
Waterfall of rain
Four Dancing Cedars
Surprised by a brook
Slow growing trees
Aroma of earth giving birth
Sunset glazing the green forest
Darkness before the next dawn returns
Life in a circle

Just leaving after ten delightful days in a very special yurt tucked in the north end of Cortes. Seven of the days were spent in solitude and silence communing with creation and her Creator. A deep and wonderful encounter with God who cares so deeply for us. I’m humbled and grateful for my time here. I know I’ll never be the same. Must I leave?

May you find some time to behold God in the natural beauty around you.

Love and prayers
Mystic in Motion…. (hmmm a bit less motion now!)

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