Off to the Yurt!

Tomorrow I leave the Lagoon and move to the north end of the island for ten days in a yurt. There’s no electricity or running water and certainly no internet so I’ll check back in when I emerge. But the yurt looks very attractive and they promise lots of forest, ocean and stillness. After Easter, I’ll enter another week of solitude and silence, from April 17-23. Please pray for me. Although I love the solitude and silence, it can still be very challenging.

What else has been happening? ……

My city genes kicked in today. It was amazing, and a bit scary, to watch. I was driving and stopped at the end of my lane, getting ready to go on the main road. I saw a car coming but there was ‘space’ for me so I zipped out. As soon as I’d done it I realized I was city driving! There were no other cars on the road. I didn’t need to rush into a space! Wow. City driving is in my genes. I told my daughter and her roommate the story and they both laughed right away – yes, that was city driving!

On the 2nd Sunday of the month a priest comes from Campbell River to offer a service. I attended last Sunday and agreed to offer an Easter celebration if anyone was interested. One person was most eager so it might be the two of us. She plays flute and harp so will provide some special music for us. I hear word spreading around the island that something is happening, so maybe a few others will join us. One person said they’d bring flowers and someone else said, “Will there be food?” Sounds like Easter is happening this year.

But it is so different from being in a city. For Holy Week, there are no services, no meditation times, no special music, nothing for Good Friday. We’ll jump from Palm Sunday to Easter. How can we do that? But I realize that for many people who attend Easter all over the world, they come just for that one day and it’s the norm, but it’s not what I’m used to.  For Holy Week, it’s Jesus and me. We’re going through the week together. We’ve cleaned the temple, taught those who would listen, wept over the people, smelled the oil and received the anointing, felt the resistance of many and the receptivity of some. It’s just the two of us. And maybe that’s okay. Keep my eyes on him, not the dressing that we, as church, put on the week. It’s difficult, the pull to the familiar rituals and prayers is there, in my genes like city driving! But there are other ways to live, slower, more spacious ways and just being with Jesus is okay.

Take care… see you the other side Easter


Mystic in Motion

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