A New Perspective on Living Water

I’m living beside living water. At low tide, I can walk across the lagoon in about 20 minutes. Imagine a small lake with two small islands in the centre and you’d have the general image. Oh, and did I mention the three stunning cedars outside my door, the strong rock cliffs on either side of our inlet and of course the surrounding host of delightful trees, each one perfect in being ‘tree’…..

Last night I arrived at low tide. This morning I woke just at dawn, able to welcome the day and see high tide. The water before me rises and falls daily, monthly. It is alive. It’s given me a new sense to the phrase ‘living water’. This living water is connected to the source of water on our earth, the ocean. I’m in Desolation Sound, part of the flow of water around Vancouver Island and connected to the Pacific Ocean. (How strange it seems for ‘us’ to have ‘named’ the bodies of water and bits of land on our earth. If we name them, surely, we need to care for them. We are responsible for them as we’d be for an animal we name and take into our homes. – but that’s another thought!).

My living water rises and falls according to the inner rhythm of the ocean and moon. Jesus calls himself Living Water and says that we too have a fountain of living water within us. Yes we do! His Spirit, the Spirit of God is within me, within each one of us and I can know the movement of his living water. Sometimes it rises up high and I feel the flow of the warm embrace, the awareness of each moment, the connectedness with all. Other times it seems to flow out and I can feel the receding, the need to pull back a bit, to move even more slowly. But whether the tide of my life rises or falls I know I’m always connected to the source of all, to the Pacific Ocean of my life, to the Ocean of All.

Living Water. Drink deeply of the living water and you’ll never be thirsty again. Where are you now? Rising tide or falling tide? May you know your Ocean Connection!

Drink Deeply


Mystic in Motion

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