The Bells are Ringing


On New Years Eve 2016 a group from Contemplative Fire Toronto met to welcome in the year together. Besides some food, drink and conversation we had bells, lots of bells and each with a different story. We shared stories of where the bells came from. One I brought was from my childhood. I was given it whenever I was sick. For in those days if I was sick I had to stay in bed, so the bell was to call for my mother. It ran loud and clear! One person brought a 100-year-old bell, another one from Loire Valley in France, another a Christmas bell with a gentle tinkle. Lots of bells with lots of stories.

We took time to celebrate the goodness in our lives from 2016 and form a wish for 2017. For each celebration and wish we rang all our bells. It was bell-ringing good fun!

As I listened to the wishes around the room they varied greatly. Several people went the same direction I did. The wish that surfaced within me that night was a longing for peace – in my own life, that I might be a peaceful person, in the lives of those around me, that I might encourage them into being peacemakers, and in our world, that the ways of non-violence may be enhanced and more clearly known. Since then two people have approached me with the same awareness that although the daily news is full of tumult and tragedy, there is an undercurrent of consciousness growing, of like souled people being called forth to bring in the peaceable kingdom. They put me in touch with a number of peace promoting groups.

Those of us who seek a different way are not alone. We need to be strong and faithful in our calling. There is a reason we are here on earth, at this time. We need to listen carefully to the One who sent us here. May we grow in courage to allow our souls to show up and be the people we are meant to be! It might not be noisy. It’s possible no bells will ring, but the vibrations of our well lived lives will reverberate throughout the universe. Let us be true to who we are and to whose we are. We have a job to do on earth in 2017. Let’s do it.

Peace to all


Contemplative Fire Community Leader Canada

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