Finding a Sustainable Life – Part 6: Another Tree Friend

I’m still sharing with you some of the Spirit wisdom I gathered on our Pilgrimage to Now/here in August —

Later in our walk if found a place to sit within a tree. I don’t know what kind of tree it was or whether it was several trees very close together. Someone had placed a large stone at chair height within this cluster of trees. They formed the sides and back of a chair for me and I could nestle into it.

I felt myself surrounded by the arms of the forest. It was wonderful. A place of rest, ease and company. I saw that a sustainable life for me requires company, people I can be surrounded by and at ease with.

I’m an introvert and very content on my own. A week in a hermitage is delicious for me! Sometimes I long for a month or more – what would that solitude be like! But the wisdom God’s Spirit had for me that day was that for a sustainable life I need community, people around me. I need to let people know me, hold me, comfort and advise me. I’m not to walk alone, but to walk with other like-souled friends.

I’m not sure how this wisdom will unfold, but I look forward to it. It helped me be aware and value the community supports that have evolved over the years for me. It also calls me to look at the ways I live without support either by my own choice or the ministry arrangements. It’s heartening to name the supports I have and rather sobering to see the areas where they are missing, either by my lack of openness or others interest.

How about you? What is the nature of the cluster of trees that surround you?

Love and prayers on the journey
Community Leader Contemplative Fire Canada

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

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