Finding a Sustainable Life – Part 4: A Non-Zombie Life


Let’s be clear, I know nothing about Zombies! I’ve never watched a Zombie movie in my life. What I’ve learnt about them comes from Russ Harris (, a mindfulness teacher who has been helpful to me in the last year. Last week I led a women’s retreat on ‘Travelling Lightly’ using Psalm 23 and 131. As I led it, the combined mindfulness and scripture teaching landed so clearly on me that I want to share it with you.

There are three key words: Absorb, Avoid and Accept.

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by repetitive thoughts or emotions? I’m sure you have! It’s such a common human condition. We replay conversations trying to make them right. I know I do. I’m sure you do as well. That’s when we’re ABSORBED in something. Apparently Zombies do that a lot. They like to grasp things and drag them into their net.

Have you ever refused to think about issues in your life? You know there is conflict and you’ll do anything to not deal with it. Again I’m sure you have! That’s AVOIDANCE and we all do it. We deny there is a problem, put it aside, push it under the rug, often putting on a brave face. Zombies do that too! They like to push things away from them that they don’t want.

Grasping things to us, pushing things away from us, being absorbed by life or avoiding life, my hands covering my face as I’m absorbed into life or my hands pushing things away from me – I can relate to those pushes and pulls. Can you? That’s Zombie life.
The Non-Zombie Life has my hands open gently in front of me. neither grasping or denying. I’m not absorbed in life nor avoiding it. I’m simply accepting life as it is. Observing it and myself. Being attentive to it and to myself. Ahhhhhh. There is ease. I think for me there is some help in finding sustainability through a simple acceptance, not running, pursing, or forcing life nor avoiding, denying, hiding from life, but simply seeing the complexity of who I am and what life offers.

Where are you today, in this moment? Absorbed? Avoiding? Accepting?

Love and prayers on the journey
Community Leader Contemplative Fire Canada

On This Week…..


Join us this Friday, October 14 at 7pm as we discuss our reaction to Assisted Dying Legislation.  We will be joined by Guest Speaker Carline Hunter of VHA Home Health Care & Community Ethics Network

Location: St. Leonard’s Church, 25 Walness Avenue  Learn More

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