Finding My Way – Our Voice

“Everyone who wills can hear the inner voice. It is within everyone.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“My voice. I am finding my voice. I need to be heard.” I’ve heard that for years from people. It has been my experience as well. I’ve sought to find my voice in the midst of the internal and external noise of life. I’ve sought to learn to express it to others. My voice – yes…and…….

“God’s voice. I believe God is leading me, God is speaking to me.” I’ve heard that for years too, both from people and as my own experience. I’ve had times of hearing words from God, other times of Spirit movements. Sometimes it has felt comforting, sometimes very heavy handed as people expressed what God had told them. God’s voice – yes… and……

“Our voice.”  Today those words capture more clearly my experience. As my awareness moves beyond my ego with its voices and drives, I arrive at the quiet place within me where there is less of ‘me’ and more of us. I find that dwelling place of my soul, the part of me that dances with God. My soul breathes the eternal breath and we are one. There is a deep internal harmony. There is one life, one voice, our voice.


What is your experience of the eternal within you? Can you put words or images to this indescribable presence?

The universe is dancing and asking you to join.

Love and prayers


Contemplative Fire Community Leader Canada

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