“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The third breakthrough for Teal organizations is a wholistic approach to their community life. Members are allowed, even encouraged or expected to bring their whole self into the work place. Masks come off as the division between professional and personal lives softens. Judgement is reduced and trust grows. Dogs show up at work (in non-food production venues!) and daycare centres are opened. Sterile work environments with status markers morph into warm, self-decorated spaces. Conflict resolution is a known and integral part of community life.

It can be scary to be vulnerable and bring more of ourselves out into our own awareness and then into community life. It can be, yet I’ve discovered, once the process begins, life behind the mask, feels so empty, so black and white, so constrained.
Imagine with me, being part of a community where your soul can safely show up, a place where you know you will be welcomed, no mask needed, no role or function required, just you, welcomed as you are, unfinished, imperfect and complete.

I delight in Michelangelo’s unfinished sculptures. To my eye they are so beautiful – unfinished, imperfect and yet complete. I often feel like that. My journey into a contemplative life has taught me that I am all of that – unfinished and complete. I live within that paradox. That’s partly why I resonate with Teal communities, for they allow members to be just that – themselves. And they still get work done! Each member agrees to the purpose, the vision and values of the company/community before they enter and then they can join the team moving towards a clear purpose.

unfinished sculpture

Contemplative Fire seeks to create a Christian community, not embedded in the traditions of our faith institutions, but one that has an eye into the society in which it lives, one that is on the edge. We debate frequently what that ‘edge’ actually is, but agree that we are not, what has been and are, what is becoming, in terms of an expression of Christian faith today.
We want to be a community where there is room for you to show up.

Love and prayers
Community Leader Canada

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